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UFC 257: Dustin Pourier vs. Corner McGregor

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Irish MMA star Conor McGregor is back! Read where it is Strike In between Dustin Pourier, Conor McGregor In UFC 257 im Livestream Gives.

He’s back again! Another comeback of one of the greatest UFC-Fighter, Conor McGregor, Not decided. He will do in the octagon Dustin Pourier Face. Here you can find everything about the event and where to go Fight live stream Look.


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Return des Irishen UFC-Stars: Dustin Pourier vs Conor McGregor Live

McGregor and Porier met before 2014. At the time, the Irishman had won the first round by knockout in 1:45 minutes. Return to UFC for the third time. In the background UFC 257 McGregor and Porier board the Octagon in Abidabi.

Great words from Connor McGregor before the UFC fight

Since this is supposed to be the ultimate fitting fighter, there are many great terms and mandatory testing of strength before the event. Conor McGregor Be confident as usual.

Peter Sobota: Bad chances for Porier

Spoke to DAZN Dustin Pourier About the importance of the fight: “Everything is in danger. This is a great opportunity and the next stage of the fight for the next title.” He learned from defeat. In the upcoming fight against the Irish, he does not want to lose focus, especially in the octagon. He knows that every little second will be decisive against such a caliber.

Former Polish-German mixed martial arts fighter Peter Sobota Talking to DAZN. He’s bad about Pourier’s possibilities: “My tip: McGregor’s first or second knockout knockout on the latest. In his view, this will not be the only fight of the Irish MMA star. He predicts more fights and even a lighter belt.

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Dustin Pourier vs. Connor McGregor in a live stream on DAZN

The bell to start the fight between Dustin Pourier And Conor McGregor It will be heard on Saturday night, January 23rd and 21st 01/24/21 Sunday at 4 p.m. According to German time. DAZN The event is broadcast live with plenty of additional reports and information about the fight and UFC 257. You can always choose between the German commentary with Mark Bergman, Andreas Chronotex and Peter Sobota and the original English translation.

Here you can watch the fight watch geniusIf you are not a DAZN customer yet, register on the site.

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