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UFC 254: MMA star Khabib Narmagomedov – clear text message to Conor McGregor – Entertainment

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It came back in 413 days!

Khabib Nurmagomedov (32) finally returns to the UFC 254 cage, battling Justin Geith (31) after a gap of more than a year. DAZN The entire Fight Night will be broadcast live from Abu Dhabi from 8pm.

Despite having to retain the title for the first time against the US-Earth champions in the 29th professional fight (no defeat), there is only one issue in the MMA arena: Normagomedo and Conor McGregor (32)!

For almost two years now, the superstar from Ireland has been fueling rumors of revenge again and again. In it, Khabib is annoyed that DAZN answers the What-If question about the fight between McGregor and Dustin Porier (31) in an interview: “I do not like the word IF. Come back and show me something! But only IF. IF, IF, IF, IF. I can also say: if I win 35 fights in a row. When I was 50-0 on my match record. We can always talk about this IF. Why should I talk about people who think only in the IF category? I am real. I’m here.”

Boom! Background to the Khabib announcement: It looks like McGregor will return to the big cage in January, most likely to fight Porier (the last Normagomedov opponent). However, the duel will take place in the Weightlifting Division. It is said that the weight class will support McGregor in the match against Khabib.

On the podcast of former MMA star Mike Swick (41), Eagle said, “It makes sense if he beats the Porreys for 15 155, but if they fight at 17 170, it won’t happen. How do you fight the first 170 pounds and the next 155 pounds? They want to make it easy for them, but if you make it easy, you’ll never deserve a title fight. “

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Normagomedo has a lot going back and forth with McGregor, and his focus now is on the battle with Geith: “I think this will be the toughest fight of my career. He is a very good and tough fighter. I don’t want to underestimate Justin. I don’t want to lose everything I’ve made myself in the last fifteen to sixteen years at MMA. I don’t want to lose a fight. That’s why I have to focus, not to underestimate Justin Geith. “

One thing is clear: if Khabib wins, the rumor mill will continue – the world wants Noormagomedov’s match against McGregor in the cage.

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