Uber is taking action to protect its drivers

Uber is taking action to protect its drivers

Attention Drivers in Medellin and improvements they would like to see in the application UberAs of this week, the company announced this The user’s entire destination is displayed before the request is accepted For lease.

With this innovationCountries of use Application To generate additional income with flexibility They know exactly where they are going. About how long it will take them to get there.

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In this way, Uber reaffirms its commitment Respond to driver concerns Improve your experience on the platform.

“At Uber we are constantly developing and investing We implement technology thinking to provide you with more securityConfidence and peace of mind for motorists who choose to use our app.

Landlords were keen to know the final destination of each service before it started. So, over the last few months, We have conducted various pilots in different cities of the country A tool is already available to drivers using the app to assess and adapt without harming the user experience. Medellin“, said Manuela Bedoya, Uber’s safety communications manager for the Andean region.

Also, and also Improve user experienceBecause the driver already knows where he is going and can quickly tell whether he will accept the service or not. Waiting time to find a car will be less.

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This function combines the technological innovations that Uber drivers have in Colombia, Ability to share your journeys with trusted contacts and detect anomalies such as route deviationsEncrypted audio recording, button to connect directly to 123 in case of emergency, 24/7 support and identity verification system for all users.

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In BogotaDrivers working with Uber can see the complete route that will take them to the destination of the user requesting the service Since a few monthsIn addition to other safety devices.

You can take advantage of the fact that the Beat app ended its operations earlier this month to explore new options like Uber, Cabify or DiDi.

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