UAE .. Public Prosecution has ordered the detention of a journalist for committing a crime while covering the UAE-Iraq match.



The federal prosecution of information technology crimes in the emirate has ordered the journalist to be detained and others released on bail after the investigation into the crimes they committed while covering the match between the UAE and Iraq teams.

The prosecution said they came up with an act and statement that violated public morality while covering the match between the UAE and Iraq national teams before it was broadcast live on the Abu Dhabi Sports Channel last week. It publishes information through a network of information that prejudices public morality, spreads provocative propaganda that is detrimental to the public interest, and makes hate speech.

The charges include imprisonment for not less than five years, a fine of not less than five thousand dirhams, imprisonment and a fine of not more than fifty thousand dirhams.

In the details, the public prosecution received a complaint from the Abu Dhabi Media Company, which, after circulating video clips on some social networking sites against the above and anonymous, exchanged conversations between them on audio and video. Before the appearance of live media on the Abu Dhabi sports channels and studio segment, it was in the public interest to experiment with technology.

The Abu Dhabi media company reported that the transmission sent from the broadcast vehicle of the analytical studio to the broadcast reception unit in the TV building was hacked and the published clips were seized and broadcast on the accounts of some social networking sites on the internet.

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After the Public Prosecution initiated an investigation into the culprits and made the above decisions, it ordered the Abu Dhabi Sports Channels and Programs to summon those responsible for completing the investigation and the technical authorities charged to determine how the offense occurred. , It also seized the equipment he used, and the investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

As part of that, the Abu Dhabi Media Company terminated the services of three media professionals as a disciplinary measure for violating the Media Code of Honor, the ethics of the media profession, and the duties of the job.

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