U.S. meteorologists have dropped the names of the hurricanes

U.S. meteorologists have dropped the names of the hurricanes

As forecasted by U.S. meteorologists, 14 hurricanes are expected in a row by mid-November, with 21 hurricanes recorded this year before the start of next month. If another hurricane forms after November 19, it will have no name, and a new list of hurricane names will need to be prepared.

Previously, meteorologists used the Greek alphabet to determine hurricanes and storms after the list of names was exhausted. However, in recent years, confusion has arisen many times and began to confuse on many levels.

So, an additional list was created – using the alphabetical name. But there were many hurricanes and hurricanes, which ended earlier than the period in which this list was prepared.

The last hurricane to be recorded recently was named “Wanda”. After him, the storms will have to be renamed – Adria, Brulen, Caridad, Deshon.

“In terms of meteorology, hurricanes are likely to develop in the North Caribbean and the Central Atlantic in November. Keep in mind that the Atlantic hurricane season lasts until November 30, so we have plenty of time for hurricanes to develop.” – commented. Meteorologist Allison Chinchar.

In 2021, experts recorded 21 hurricanes that turned into hurricanes. Four of these were during major hurricanes. Hurricane Ida was the most dangerous. Hurricane Level 4 ravaged southeastern Louisiana, destroying many homes and businesses.

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