U.S. Chamber, Republican Deputy Green expelled from committees for his conspiracy theories – Corriere.it

U.S. Chamber, Republican Deputy Green expelled from committees for his conspiracy theories - Corriere.it

The House of Representatives was ousted on Thursday evening, February 4thRepublican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor GreenAccording to the two commissions appointed: the budget; Education and employment. The decision was taken by a vote after a four – hour standoff in the chamber. The result was: 230 in favor, 199 against. 46-year-old Georgia legislator allowed to spread false and misleading theories. For example: the Parkland High School Massacre (17 killed) was a staged one. Or for his threatening statements. Like this: You put a bullet in Nancy Pelosi’s skull. Or the tweet that Democratic majority leader Steny Hoyer showed on a hemicycle on a large panel yesterday. Marjorie Taylor Green holds an automatic rifle. Glasses of dark tears, jacket, harsh air, writing: The worst nightmare for the “squad” was three radical MPs, Ilhan Omar, Rashid Twileb and Alexandria Ocasio Cortes..

About halfway through the discussion, Taylor Green tried a tough defense. At first she repented, she believed in God, and she said she was a sinner. He dismissed some of the most serious jokes on his social media accounts: the Royal Parkland Massacre, as well as 9/11. P.However, Oi returned to nature and portrayed himself as the victim of an unjust trial or was crucified in a public square. Whose fault is this? But of course the media. Large corporations with small phrases. Very bad posts and videos are still rejected. Republican leader Kevin McCarthy made a reckless defensive effort, convincing Marjorie to reject Quanon Goo conspiracy theories and everything in between. McCarthy accused Democrats of wanting to abuse their power. But in the end Republicans also voted to expel Taylor Green from the committees, One more than the conservative group of Democrats who joined Jan. 14 to give the green light to Donald Trump’s impeachment.

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