Types and effects of garden lights, Gothic Art Notes (2)

Types and effects of garden lights, Gothic Art Notes (2)

IDEAOnline-Light The garden Except for the power Functional, Can imagine perfect lighting The garden This sounds very interesting.

And headlights The result Light.

This is explained in the first discussion Type And The result Light 3 Type Light, i.e. light, grass, moonlight.

Excerpted from the book Lightning Skilled labor Lightning, Arvin Ameer,. The garden Menavan, published by FLONA Magazine, discusses for 3 people here Type The next light.

1. Shadow

Trees with sharp leafy branches and ridges of dry limbs impress when exposed to light from behind them.

A document will be drawn Shadow Long shadow on the wall.

For this purpose The result The silhouette is spot on.

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Herdman Putianto

Description of the use of soaplighting in the garden.

2. Extend / highlight

This effect can be created by placing the bulb at one point, which may be above or near an object such as a statue or vase.

When a sculpture is lit, the dark shadows caused by the lights obscure the face or make the statue look ghostly.

If necessary, reduce the shadow that covers the face with more than one light from the dark side.

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Description of the use of reflection for the pond at Tamana.

Bandung Garden Services

Description of the use of reflection for the pond at Tamana.

3. Reflection

It can be said that this effect is created as a result of a combination of reflected light and water.

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Do this by burning interesting objects near a large pond or moss.

The shape and light of the objects will capture the water and reflect more beautifully on the surface of the water.

This result is true if the surface of the water is larger than the reflector material.

By knowing the functions of garden lights and choosing the right lighting effect you want, your garden will look more vibrant at night.

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