Tyler Perry’s A Coming Homecoming Review: Tyler’s Hard Lemonade

Tyler Perry's A Coming Homecoming Review: Tyler's Hard Lemonade

Halfway through “Tyler Perry’s A Meda Homecoming”, there’s a gag that captures the humor of Perry’s multimedia media franchise. The plot of the black and white flashback breaks down, where her angry, unfiltered title Matriarch threatens her man’s mistress, Rosa Parks, and begins the civil rights movement, then seeks refuge on a Montgomery bus. As evidence, Madia captured a photo taken at the time on her smartphone. “My phone,” she says, “because they did not have an iPhone then – it was an A before me. It’s shameless and disrespectful nonsense – but it’s funny, so why not? Perry resurrected Mada in the same spirit: because he can.

In this episode, Madia hosts her grandson (Brandon Black)’s college graduation party. This incident is actually a reason for a dozen family members to break their chops; Laugh when Mr. Brown (David Mann) sets himself on fire. It also gives Madia an audience to express her paradoxical feelings about the Black Lives Matter movement: she is annoyed that her granddaughter Ellie (Candace Maxwell) has become a police officer, threatens Mada’s weeds, but also provokes her that protesters may burn her. The bar in the corner.

The script has curves and twists, so hey, they make soap operas flexible. Irish comic actor Brendan O’Carroll, who plays Bozomi Agnes Brown in the Irish sitcom “Mrs.” Brown’s boys. As the film moves into a sloppy resolution, you may miss Perry’s good speech about love – “Stop building them walls, build fences yourself” – which can not be surpassed by half a dozen ridiculous speeches. Beyonc is in a hurry to move on to the end credit sequence where he turns into a short shorts and a beautiful wig to make fun of his 2019 concert film “Homecoming”. Is there any reason for this to happen? Maybe because he can.

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