Two years away from the boards: Daniel Lanois has not lost a hand

Two years away from the boards: Daniel Lanois has not lost a hand

That’s regardless of the times he spent elsewhere in the metropolis. Let’s think about his recent performance at the Mile X End Festival, which he joined the U2 members at the Olympic Stadium in 1992, or even farther away in 2019.

But Daniel Lanois was the first to headline the Place des Festivals at FIJM on Thursday evening. I have been clarifying the “title” since Lanois joined Ttdoor concert for Paul Simon during the 2006 festival. But a song and a whole concert, it’s nothing. We are not going to argue, after all, do not enjoy our happiness. We had fun with Lanois, who played a trio, with bassist Jim Wilson – who was with him in 2019 – and drummer Kyle Crane.

This is not allowed, I told myself when I saw three people starting their performance with a very good dub from the album. Akkady (1989), i.e. bilingual Under a stormy sky And Pretty Lewis.

A gentle start that gave us time to appreciate Lanois ’talent and his dark mix of brilliance. who knows? Maybe from the next song, because there might be an idea Shine (2003). And Fire, The song in question, a guitar served well, and its pitch is increasing.

Lanois and colleagues remained the same, raising the intensity to a certain extent and drawing only in the collection for a long time.Akkady And Shine. Manufacturer And I. love youConstantly handed over, beating hard on heart and soul. As Slow delivery, It felt straight from the drawers of Neil Young and his crazy horse, which was very heavy and inconsistent.

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Lanois is certainly not the loudest playing guitarist, but his offerings pierce and pierce. It should be as sharp as possible and come under the holes. Even after a long absence on the boards.

He has very beautiful faces, Lanois noticed, not very talkative, with a smile that does not lie. This is our first concert in two years.

It would not be visible if we relied solely on the touch and skill of the 70-year-old guitarist on Sunday. Born in Hull, the musician spent most of his life in Dublin in Quebec, Western Canada and the Republic of Ireland. In commemoration of this course he presented Falling at your feet.

This is a song I wrote for my good friend Bono.

We were considered for a very beautiful version of the song that was part of the soundtrack of the movie by Wim Venders, Million dollar hotel, In 2000.

The last silence before the decibel storm, finally, passed Power to the people, Opera And The golden dream, Lanois extracted all possible sounds from an instrumental console

Two years without a scene? Daniel Lanois has not lost his hand.

Party with Tech :: Tech

The Japanese-influenced Montreal group Tech :: Symphonic Floor, half an hour ago, was the opposite of Daniel Lanois. From the start he really put his foot down.

Warning: Although I spent ten days in Tokyo in December 2019, I do not have to give the names of the songs because I do not know what they mean … that is, the band in Maya Corodi is unpredictably attractive forever.

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Masks, Oriental costumes, and background music that seems to have been written for 1950s Japanese cinema: The entrance was impressive. Who can give us horizontal flute solos in a funky musical setting?

Who can compose a combination of surf-rock guitars (Hidetaka Yoneyama, Sergei Nakachi Pelletier), a trombone (tienne Lebel), a horizontal flute (Yuki Isami), and a cowbell (Kurodi) in songs written in 1963 or 2021? ?

I only saw about twenty minutes – the overlap of concerts – but no one was bored.

L ‘Omerta Michelle Cusson

You are a fan of the television series District 31? You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? District 31 Had a name Omerta. Luke Dion’s first major work.

Guitarist Michael Cusson came to the symphonic floor to hear music inspired by this cult TV series. From the first bars, festival-goers recognized the theme of the series, which was based on rising music, piercing guitars and Miles Davis-style trumpets.

It seems to me that a thousand years have passed since I saw a worldMichael Cousin began after this appetite by explaining that he was going to suggest with Oliver Vanasse (double bass), Dan Toine (keyboards), Benoit Glaser (trumpet), and his old friend from Uzebe, Paul Brochu (drums). 19 hours of music composition.

The dynamic music of funk inspirations and compositions, most of the classic scenes we saw with Michelle Cote and Romano Orsari, the experience was crucial.

25 years of the Francois Borussia Quartet

Early in the evening at the Place des Festivals, Franകോois Borussia underlined his four-year 25-year career. From the start, the pianist and colleagues set the tone for more than 45 minutes of performance. 15, Our Lady of Lorette, The leader said.

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Starting in the form of a piano-saxophone dialogue (Andre Leroux) to pursue the same kind of conversation, but this time before everything clashes between the piano and the double bass (Guy Boysvert), of course, the Borussia style.

HurricaneOn the contrary, the continuous tone is sometimes clearly marked by more intervals than those that continue with sudden changes. Order with a new composition, in which Leroux went there with his horizontal flute and elk. It started out smoothly, and for a long time became one of FIJM’s one of the most adventurous pieces to hear on a stage door.

In conclusion, A Blues After 25 years, Masque has proved that Borussia never rests on its laurels.

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