Two violent attacks and a flop in C -te d’Ivoire this weekend

Two violent attacks and a flop in C -te d'Ivoire this weekend

This weekend, C -te d’Ivoire was placed twice in Orange Vigilance for thunderstorms, after last week’s high temperatures.

On Saturday evening, two stormy attacks hit Cte d’Ivoire: the first coming from west of Burgundy and confined to the upper C -te d’Ivoire, especially the hail episodes. The second attack, coming from Seine-et-Lower, was very fast and caused great damage on the Boone side before Dijon illuminated the sky.

On Sunday, the Upper C -te d’Ivoire was attacked again in the afternoon, when strong thunderstorms were expected, according to the French observatory for hurricanes and violent thunderstorms. Finally, in the afternoon, if the rains were significant, there would be no thunderstorms on the horizon in C -te d’Ivoire.

On the road, in Villars-la-Fay, lightning struck the ground

The speed of a wave of thunder above Fontaine-Franൈois on Saturday evening

Storm over Montbard at 12:30 pm on Sunday

The weekend thunderstorm caused damage in Cote d’Ivoire, with 1,800 lightning bolts recorded from 6pm to midnight on Saturday. C -te d’Ivoire firefighters intervened dozens of times between Boone and Corbourne. Large damage has also been reported in the Dijon plain. A total of 2,000 homes lost power.

On Sunday afternoon, some damage was estimated, including a tree falling on the road between Montbard and Chatilon-sur-Seine, in a storm over the upper C -te d’Ivoire.

On Sunday, the Orange Vigilance was raised to 7 a.m. to make way for a yellow alert until 2 p.m. Subsequently, the yellow vigil will be re-established on Monday from 1 p.m.

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