Two planets in the same shadow before the 14th-century Kovid pandemic and plague

Two planets in the same shadow before the 14th-century Kovid pandemic and plague

In Vedic astrology, in addition to the visible planets Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, two other shadow planets are used, which have no physical bodies, but are very important for interpreting the birth chart. This is Rahu – the northern lunar node, “Dragon’s Head”, and Ketu – the southern lunar node or “Dragon’s Tail”. They are formed by connecting the Earth’s orbit to the Moon’s orbits. Many ancient texts say that Rahu could act like Saturn and Ketu could act like Mars.

Astrologer Krasimir Kurtev quotes “Hidden Messages: 14th Century Plague for Rahu and Ketu in the Same Position Before Kovid Pandemic”. Traffic News.

According to ancient Vedic artifacts, the planets of these two shadows always go backwards, depending on the other – the visible planets, which strongly influence the health of the inhabitants of the earth – humans.

What actually happens before an epidemic erupts?
The zodiac planet is located in Leo, and Ketu is “trapped” in Aquarius. This will occur on May 29, 2019, the time when the other planets are preparing for the retrograde motion of 2020. The second plague of 1346 was similar to that of the Black Sea. It lasted until 1353.

In June 2019, I was called the most depressed astrologer so far because the planet Algor will cause horrible things, but the word “depression” should be replaced by “realistic”. Of course, everyone likes to hear only positive predictions. My job is to tell you what to do, not to heal for a better future. I also wrote about the coming “7 years of famine”, i.e. troubles, diseases and crises, and added below that 12 March 14 – 2020 set something terrible for Bulgaria.

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But let me return to the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu. On August 21, 2021, “Dragon’s head and tail” again took the position described above. It was a clear indication of the impending dangerous Kovid wave. Today we are witnessing another coup.
After the end of 2021, half of 2022 will bring more favorable conditions. The light will begin to recover, but until January-March, May 10, 21, and September 9, 24, and 2022, the situation does not appear to be rosy. There will be a new pandemic increase in the world.

Until the second half of 2027, Rahu and Ketu are unlikely to leave their ugly position and calm down. In this new era, people will appreciate other personalities and technological possibilities. It is associated with rapid global development, economic revolution, culture, new perspectives and meaningful relationships.
We will find out the truth about Kovid, which I will not share right now.

After the words!
In the thirst for wealth and global supremacy, we destroy people, but destroy the earth … The Qur’an foretells in the Holy Scriptures: – They say, “We will solve.” But they are destructive. But they do not think so “- Al-Baqarah 11:12.

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