Two planes will lose pieces in flight

Two planes will lose pieces in flight

New storm on Boeing. A few months after the last 737 flights departed from Brazil in detention by authorities in March 2019 – following two crashes that led to the deaths of 346 people – the airline again ended up in the center of allegations yesterday afternoon due to a lack of safety on the plane.

Allegations Flight loss of some components of a 777, Comes in a residential area Denver Recorded after a clear problem while taking off.

Not only is this a situation that has not been discussed for a while, but only 24 hours ago 747 To damage engine parts It’s a good idea, More precisely, injures some citizens in Merson Municipality Destructive buildings.

But – it must be said – it is not registered No injuries Of the passengers on both flights, all returned a few minutes after taking off from the departing airports.

Boeing, New Storm: Parts missing on 777 aircraft

Boeing’s dark ages begin in December 2019, leading to two terrible accidents 346 deaths.

Soon, in March, the authorities decide to impose this Plane stopIt will be stagnant until December 2020. The U.S. government then decided to impose a $ 2.5 billion fine in January to restart Brazil without significant sanctions.

Permission established on its basis “Misleading statements, without half-truths Exemptions for Boeing employees, Prevented the FAA from fulfilling its task: ensuring the security of this area. ”

A very harsh sentence, but at least – one can believe at the time – capable of ending the black era of the American airline giant. Instead it is not even a dream, because in 48 hours two different Boeing planes are registered Serious problems during take off Components on the flight will be lost.

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Today, the security dispute has inevitably been revived Grinding of 128 active 777 aircraft worldwideThe Dutch government has launched an investigation into the use of the 747, which had similar problems in Maastricht.

At the same time, the company is struggling financially $ 12 billion loss Revenue will fall by 24% by 2020 and thousands of forced layoffs.

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