Two new films with Jasmine Jerath and Lenin …

Das Erste  “Der Kroatien-Krimi”: Zwei neue Filme mit Jasmin Gerat und Lenn …

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Filming of films 11 and 12 will take place in parallel in Croatia

Following the successful launch of the confident and incredible Commissioner Stacha Novak, Jasmine Jerath will be seen in two new “Croatian Crime Stories” on April 22 and 29, 2021. In next Thursday’s “Hunt for a Dead”, the head of the Split Homicide Squad reveals two weak points in his personal life: the responsibility of her younger sister Minka and her failed love affair with nightclub owner Milan. It soon becomes clear that the two share a painful secret that tests Statcha’s professionalism. The ninth “Croatian crime” is a showdown in the ruins of the Roman city of Salona, ​​near the historic cultural city of Split.

Dalmatia’s remote border is set for April 29, 2021, the tenth Croatian crime thriller, The Godmother of Privilege. There, Commissioner Statcha Novak suspects a ring of smugglers and mass smugglers involved in his current case. Stacha takes on a charismatic opponent who has become adept at the art of deception, in order to bring to light the ideas of innocent goonations. Tatja Seabt is a sophisticated genocide worker who should be prevented from exposing the import-export business on the EU border with Bosnia and Herzegovina at all questionable prices.

Also starring Jasmine Gerat, Len Kudrajaviski, Casem Hoxha, Max Hebrector and Sarah Bourette. Klose Steinbacher, Zoe Moore, Peter Trabner, Francesca Schlatner, Tatza Seabt, Edon Rizvanoli (“Godmother of Privacy”).

“Croatian Crime Thriller: The Hunt for the Dead” and “Croatian Crime Thriller: The Godmother of Privacy” are available in the ARD Media Library two days before and six weeks after airing.

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Meanwhile, the eleventh and twelfth “Croatian crime thriller” is being filmed in Croatia: Since mid-March 2021, two more films from the popular ARD DeJeto series, Jasmine Gerath and Len Kudrajavsky, have been produced in the port city of Split. The Rough Mountains Above the Dalmatian Coast, Casem Hoxha, Max Hebrector, Sarah Bourette, Jenny Meyer, Rufus Beck and many others recognized “The Bone Man” (AT) Jasmine Jerath as Stacha Novak in the depths of the Croatian spirit. , In the name of the Father, proclaimed human freedom and gender as a stigma. In her twelfth case, “Before Midnight” (AT), the head of the Split Homicide Squad faces a diamond attack with revenge killings. The investigation leads Stacha to the truth about the fatal complications of her father and sister and thus to the revelation of her own family tragedy.

“Der Kroatien-Krimi” is the ARD for Broadcasting Slot “Ernstagrimi Im Erst” for ARD, representing Constantine Television’s GmbH (Producer: Friedrich Wildfire, Carsten Rohel)’s ARD Digeto. Michael Krendel is directing again and Anton Klima is back behind the camera. The screenplay was written by Christoph Dornstadt. Barbara Sussman and Katja Kirchen (ARD Digeto) are responsible for editing.

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Image Source: Bread Crime – two new films with Jasmine Gerath and Len Kudrajaviski on April 22, 2021 and April 29, 2021 – two days before airing online on ARD MEDIATHEK.
A good team: Commissioner Stacha Novak (Jasmine Jerath), her colleague Emil (Len Kudrajaviski).
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