Two Moroccan professors of nuclear physics top ranking of “most influential” Arab scientists

أستاذتان مغربيتان في الفيزياء النووية تتصدران تصنيف العلماء العرب "الأكثر تأثيرا"

“After achieving top ranks in the classification of 200 best scientific researchers, Raja Al-Sharqawi and Farida Al-Fasi, two professors at the Faculty of Sciences of Mohammed V University in Rabat, who specialize in nuclear physics, have won a well-deserved crown. Worldwide”.

Two Moroccan scientific researchers were included in the list of 200 researchers worldwide, while they managed to top the list of “the most influential scientists of the African continent and the Arab region”, according to data released by the Global Index. “Alper Dogger Scientific Index”; Raja Al-Sharqawi Al-Morzali is ranked 152nd in the world, first in Africa and the Arab world, not far behind her colleague Farida El-Fasi, ranked 160th in the world and second in Africa and the Arab world.

This arrangement is based on three sub-classification criteria and basic indicators, which are the “H” index, the “i10” index, the number of citations and general referrals in scientific and research refereed articles, which are indicators of scientific quality. Impact and citation rate of their research.

The “H” index measures an author’s production level and the citation impact of his publications based on a set of research papers cited by scholars and researchers, while the “i10” index measures the number of publications. At least 10 citations through the “Google Scholar” platform. . Moreover, the ratio between “the value of the last five years and the total value of the above-mentioned indicators” is calculated.

In a statement to the Hespress Electronic newspaper, Dr. Raja al-Sharqawi explained. Scientists individually,” and it also rates research institutions. The academy is based on the scientific merits of its affiliated scholars.

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Al-Sharqawi did not hide his great joy at this achievement, which is the culmination of a long path of research, work and innovation within the framework of the international partnership for research and university cooperation hosted by the Center for Nuclear Research and Studies (CERN). ) in Geneva, Switzerland,” indicated that Morocco was one of the first Arab and African countries to enter the club of countries conducting research in this area.

Al-Sharqawi was previously Vice President of Mohammed V University in charge of Research, Innovation, Collaboration and Partnerships from 2013 to 2017 and was nominated as the Resident Scientific Expert of the National Center for Scientific and Technical Research (CNRST). .

The researcher in the science of “microphysics” considered her crowning “an honor for Morocco, for the efforts of researchers and their talents”, “it is like scientific and research diplomacy, which ensures a wide shine for the country of Morocco at the international level. Academic forums,” the efforts of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to support the course, especially the current minister Appreciate Miravi’s efforts.

A member of the Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Technology stated that he is preparing next November to participate in a global research forum in the United States on behalf of the Academies of Science and Technology on the African continent, “Vice President of the Network of Researchers of Academies of Sciences on the African Continent.”

For her part, Farida El Fazi said: “I am proud to raise the Moroccan flag in this prestigious classification, especially in the field of physics,” in an interview with Hespress. Participation.

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Al-Fasi expressed “great pride and pride as he had the opportunity to train and supervise in the largest research laboratories and work with the greatest physicists in Switzerland, Spain, France and the United States.” “A great opportunity crystallized over time to produce this result,” she said, revealing that she was among a team of scientists who contributed to some of the most prominent molecular discoveries of the 21st century.

“More support and recognition”

Professor of “Particle Physics” at the Faculty of Science at Mohamed V University in Rabat and member of the African Academy of Sciences called for “more work to support scientific research and innovation efforts in Morocco”. It is the responsibility of the Ministry to recognize these distinguished researchers as role models and role models for the rising youth.” Passionate about scientific research.

El Fassi, who holds a doctorate at Spain’s National Research Council (CSIC) and works as a visiting professor at British and Spanish universities, urged Moroccan actors responsible for the higher education system, research and innovation to “provide more possibilities for support,” before emphasizing the role of “academic and scientific framing” in highlighting the skills and efforts of Moroccan scholars. “Morocco has always seen it among the developed ranks” and conditions for prospective researchers to work financially or logistically.

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