Two million French people tested positive for Covid, who lost his certificate

Two million French people tested positive for Covid, who lost his certificate

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Two million people infected with Kovid-19 before April lose their health pass, which allows more than a thousand people to attend events or enter a nightclub.

Barely put it in place, already the first (big) quack for a health pass. Parisian And Family record On Friday, June 25, it was reported that two million French people who had previously been affected by Covid-19 had lost their famous certificate, allowing more than a thousand people to attend the event. On July 1, it will be issued in addition to the European Union Digital Covid Certificate, which will facilitate travel between Union countries and the Schengen area.

The Health Pass is valid subject to three conditions. First: Complete vaccination, two weeks after the second injection, or a single dose four weeks after the previous injection, or four weeks after the Jansen vaccine. Second: To present a negative test in less than 48 hours.

Finally, the third: to justify a covid infection six months and two weeks ago. Experts believe that the body retains antibodies for up to six months after infection.

December to March

There is an Imbroglio for this third category. From April 20, you will be able to connect to the site to retrieve a PCR or antigen test certificate. Problem: In case of contamination before April 20, screening proof and QR code cannot be retrieved in the Toss Anticovid application generated by HealthPass.

The Ministry of Health will send an SMS to people who test positive in Paris between Monday, June 28 and March 28 to April 20, from Monday, June 28, thereby providing proof of their contamination. Certificates presented on or before July 6 are available on

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So for people who tested positive before March 28, that is, two million French people, the problem persisted. He said [leur] A complete immunization schedule is required, or will have to be re-tested for negative test results, ”the Ministry of Health said. As a reminder: a negative test must be performed 48 hours before crossing the border.

Time before vaccination

With regard to immunization, the Ministry states that this can be done only two months after contamination. At the end of December, the High Authority for Health (HAS) recommended that vaccinations not be given within three months of infection. Recently, the HAS has revised this period upwards, and recommends approaching six months. In addition, vaccination is not considered complete until two weeks after administration.

In France, the health pass should allow you to attend events that welcome large audiences, such as discotheques or sports venues. Security teams at such locations will be responsible for scanning the QR code of the participants and giving them access or not.

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