Two giant black holes are moving towards the collision. The explosion will shake the universe and divert time

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Two black holes named PKS 2131-021 have been dancing with each other for thousands of years. However, the Space Vaults end their collision. It will be strong enough for astronomers to see it on Earth.

Supermassive black holes about 9 billion light-years apart have been close to each other for about 100 million years. Their total mass is in the order of hundreds of suns. The collision, which is estimated to occur in about 10,000 years, will be so large that the released energy will travel through space-time.

Therefore, the researchers hope that a study of PKS 2131-021 will reveal new information about how these giants formed and what happens when they collide. Most galaxies have large black holes at their centers.

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Black hole collision

Two black holes belong to a group called blazers. This is a status for an active galactic nucleus, which emits plasma that moves at approximately the speed of light at regular intervals. The liquid in the jet glows significantly in the ultraviolet, X-ray or gamma region of the spectrum.

However, the brightness of the PKS 2131-021 blazer is interesting, as it fluctuates at regular intervals. The authors of a study published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters likened these fluctuations to ticking the clock. Scientists believe that this lightning is evidence that objects are attracted to each other.

To confirm their theory, they examined data from five observatories over the past 45 years. These indicate that the brightness of the binary blazer will change over time. Supermassive black holes have become the closest pair ever discovered in space.

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Defects that make up a black hole.Defects that make up a black hole.Source:

Mysterious black holes

Although today’s astronomers do not witness this collision, they can already observe only what they have theoretically assumed. “Our calculations show that galaxies were small at first, collapsing over time and growing larger. We think black holes behaved that way. Said Dr. Ignatius Saviki from the Department of Cosmology and Gravitational Physics at the Institute of Physics, ASCR.

If objects really combine, they will swallow large amounts of matter. On the contrary, a lot of energy explodes into the environment. The surrounding gases heat up and undergo atomic and chemical reactions, which can be observed in the form of large volumes of gamma and X-rays. The collision is caused by gravitational waves that ripple from place to time, like jumping on a trampoline. Valuable information about the entire process of black hole extinction will be encoded in their magnitude and frequency.

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