Two constables were injured by the British traitor

Two constables were injured by the British traitor

Two gendarmes were injured on Thursday during a search at a dog farm in Vidillam, Crees. An English fraudster who inspired a documentary on Netflix is ​​still at large.

As his life sentence was overturned on appeal by a British justice, Robert Hendy-Freegard disappeared into the forest. The 51-year-old Briton is now suspected of injuring two gendarmes during a police search in Vidylat, Crees.

On Thursday, these two gendarmes intervened to reinforce the departmental directorate in charge of the protection of the population during a health check on the kennel at the home of the Vidillat couple, sixty kilometers east of Limoges.

When inspectors arrive at the site, suspecting the farm of non-compliance, they find a woman. Then a man gets behind the wheel of a powerful Audi A3. The gendarmes invite him to go to the nearest brigade to carry out routine checks, but the man starts again and violently beats two soldiers. Two gendarmes were seriously injured, one of them with a broken nose.

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A manhunt then sets out to find the fugitive, whose profile is surprising. Robert Hendy-Freegaard, 51, is already well known to the courts on the other side of the Channel. A bartender turned car salesman, he succeeded in passing himself off as an agent of MI5, the British internal intelligence service.

Through this scheme, Robert Hendy-Freegaard defrauded many people, mostly women. His first victims are students whom he persuades to go into hiding to escape the IRA, an armed organization fighting for Irish independence, who tries to kill them. He forced them to hand over their money – and he would have extorted hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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His manipulation was psychological as he separated his victims from their family and friends. He was arrested in 2002 in a joint operation by Scotland Yard and the FBI.

The Netflix platform dedicated a documentary to him earlier in the year Puppet Master. Robert Hendy-Freegaard was released from prison in 2009 after receiving a life sentence for the kidnapping, which was overturned on appeal. After that, according to the documentary, he lived in France. He also made a new victim, Sandra Clifton, a British woman who he would gradually isolate from her family and run a dog farm in Vidalet.

His partner’s children – who live completely alone – thought she was missing when the municipality was found and contacted last February, the city’s mayor, Martin Laporte, said.

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