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Twitter is testing a new way to find accounts to follow – TechCrunch

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Twitter Trying a new way to track accounts. Company Announced Today it releases a new feature called “Suggested Follows” which will pop up a list of other accounts you want to follow. This feature is currently being tested on Android devices.

The feature makes a difference to how the following currently works on mobile. Currently, tapping “Follow” on a user’s profile page gives you a short list of suggested accounts you want to follow.

Twitter describes its accounts Suggestions They are based on many factors and make them personal. In terms of suggested follow-ups, it uses the algorithm to determine which accounts are currently associated with the profile you’ve visited, or if people who follow that user want to follow some other users.

That’s why, for example, when you follow someone’s profile notes while working for a particular company, the suggested follow-up may include others who work there. Or why, when you follow a celebrity of any kind, you can present other high digit accounts as suggestions.

However, before that, you need to tap them one by one if you want to follow the instructions. Instead of Twitter’s new experiment, grouping several suggestions that you can follow with one tap. You can choose to remove accounts you no longer want to follow after first adding the entire group.

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This makes it easier for users to get tracking if their number is somehow linked to another account. It will help existing users to develop their own, as well as help Twitter newcomers build their networks.

Some Twitter users may have already seen this feature enabled.

Twitter says Android is being tested. The company did not care if the feature would be extended to iOS.

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