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Twitter fined in Ireland for violating GDPR

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The guarantor’s permit is 450 thousand euros, which indicates a data breach in 2019. Criticism of the small amount of the fine

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Twitter As The Irish Data Protection Authority imposed the fine (DPC) for immediate declaration and failure to adequately document a Data breach Experienced 2018. This delay is a violation for the Dublin Authority Gdpr, European Data Protection Regulation, and Administrative Penalties 450 thousand euros.

This verdict This is important because it is Twitter The first multinational In the world of social networks a Irish guarantor fined, If the major web platforms operate in Ireland, it is the EU’s Privacy Privacy Supervisor. On the other hand The amount of the penalty is very small in comparison Percentage of turnover that can be reached in GDPR and demanded by the authorities in other European countries. As Ireland is hosted by major companies in the region, it softens its guarantee on the implementation of sanctions related to European regulation.


Inquiry, Ended with a fine on Twitter, after the guarantor, who started in January 2019, received a violation notice from Twitter Bug affecting Android application Dell Social Network. According to the survey results, the social network That notice was submitted without significant notice Thus violating Articles 33 and 35 of the GDPR.

European regulation requires violation of users’ personal data by notifying competent supervisory authorities Within a maximum of 72 hours From the moment you know Data breach.

GDPR is required along with the notification Documents containing data e How the security reacted to the incident. All this information is required by the Supervisory Authority to verify compliance with the actions taken at this stage.

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However, in this case, Twitter lost both goals, as defined by Damien Keeran, Twitter’s chief privacy officer and global data protection officer. “a Unexpected consequences Employees are hired between Christmas 2018 and New Year’s Day ”. So he was fined, as we read In the press release Of the Irish Guarantor.

We take responsibility for this error We are fully committed to protecting the privacy and data of our customers, including through our work to inform people quickly and transparently of any issues that may arise. “ Leave a comment stomach Damien Keeran.

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