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Lahr (ots) – The next social media giant has been hit by a data breach. According to various media reports, 400 million data records from Twitter users are being offered for sale on a hacker forum. A hacker named “Ryushi” asked Twitter boss Elon Musk on the forum to buy the datasets himself. This way, Musk can avoid possible fines for data protection violations. The data has not yet been verified. However, it speaks volumes for authenticity. From a law firm perspective, Dr. Stol & Sauer was damaged because the company did not protect data better. So far, Twitter customers have not been able to check if they were affected by the data breach. The law firm offers a free initial consultation during the online examination ( Initial consultation includes impact testing for other data breaches such as Facebook. More information about Twitter can be found on our dedicated website. (

Twitter records may come from 2021 leak

After Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp, Twitter has become the next social media giant. A hacker offers 400 million user data on an affiliate forum. What is known in detail about data leakage?

– According to media reports, Twitter owner Elon Musk has received a very special mail for Christmas 2022. Musk indirectly received a purchase offer on a hacker forum. More than 400 million Twitter user records — including email addresses and phone numbers — are up for sale. – Online magazine “Bleeping Computer (” reports this. It was for sale for $200,000. They are also said to be in touch with several celebrities. In the first excerpt, the hacker published data from politician’s son Donald Trump Jr., model Cara Delevingne, singer Shawn Mendes, and basketball star Stephen Curry. – According to the hacker who goes by the internet name Ryushi – the data must be from a data breach in 2021. – Ryushi’s offer is aimed at any buyer, but also directly at Twitter owner Elon Musk: “Exclusive purchase of this data is your best option to avoid being fined $276 million in the EU like Facebook did.” – The hacker refers to a fine that Facebook’s parent company, Meta, received from the Irish Data Protection Authority in late November. Meta must pay 265 million euros because a data breach caused by its own negligence made 533 million data records public. Meanwhile, Facebook has not yet paid the fine and said it will take legal action against the fine. – Hacker “Ryushi” Smugly recommends a Twitter poll for Elon Musk if you can’t decide whether to buy the datasets. – Hacker “Ryushi” reckons: Because Twitter is already being targeted by Irish data protection officials. The hacker is trying to make capital out of this. A day before Christmas Eve, the Irish Data Protection Authority DPC reported ( 5.4 million records on Twitter. To create a stolen query event. This is the same source that got the data for “Ryushi”. The authority determined that the data was stolen due to a breach of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In the case of Facebook, the Irish authority found that metadata should be better protected and fined. – The massive data leak comes at the worst possible time for Twitter. Hacker knows this too. If Musk buys the data, the hacker promises to delete all traces of the network after receiving the money and not give the database to anyone else. – The Irish Data Protection Authority is responsible for Internet giants such as Meta, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google and Twitter, as companies have their European headquarters in Ireland for tax reasons.

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Conclusion: The data breach on Twitter is developing into a real criminal case. For affected consumers, however, the breach represented a data disaster and a clear breach of privacy.

What are the consequences of a data breach on Twitter?

At first glance, not much has happened to Twitter users. But the next wave of spam and phishing is already making its way to consumers. This can be beyond annoying. There is a high chance of fraud being attempted using SMS, e-mail or malware. Due to the massive theft of data from other social media accounts such as Facebook (, the risk of criminals connecting other individuals is increasing. each other’s data and eventually, acquire the identity of customers and conduct business on behalf of the injured party. Even now, emails from banks are copied in a deceptively real way. Anyone who presses the wrong button in the hustle and bustle of daily business can have big problems. The danger of data leakage is the loss of control over one’s own data. Once this data is gone, it can be used by criminals at any time. So the danger is in the future.

Twitter customers were affected by the data breach

Twitter users have a right to know if they have been affected by a data breach. The Company must provide you with information about this in accordance with Article 15 of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Company must provide information within one month. Article 12 GDPR provides for this. Ultimately, from a law firm perspective, Dr. Stoll & Sauer sufferers are known as material damages. The risk of becoming a victim of criminals is greatly increased. There is also a risk of identity theft. For example, the first courts ordered Facebook to pay damages for pain and suffering because the social media giant should have better protected its customers’ data. ( This is based on Article 82 GDPR. In the case of criminal violations, the regulation entitles the injured party to “just compensation for pain and suffering.” Dr online examination ( Twitter customers Stol & Sauer provides free preliminary legal advice. The extent of the data breach is yet to be ascertained. However, we show the potential for legal action against Twitter.

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Dr. in the office. Stol & Sauer Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH is one of Germany’s leading law firms. With the expertise of 37 lawyers and specialist lawyers, the law firm is available to clients in all major legal areas in Lahr, Stuttgart, Kenzingen and Ettenheim. The law firm specializes in banking and capital markets law and emissions scandals. Also, there are subjects like labor, IT, insurance, travel and administrative law. Shareholders Dr. Ralph Stoll and Ralph Sawyer brought a model declaratory action against Volkswagen AG and negotiated an 830 million settlement for 260,000 customers. The owners of a separate company are currently pursuing a model lawsuit against Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

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