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Im Sportwinter 2022/2023 kehrt die TV total Wok-WM auf ProSieben zurück. Foto: ProSieben

In the winter of 2022/2023 Sport‌s, “TV Total Walk-WM” returns to ProSieben. Photo: ProSieben

The return of the “TV Total Wok-WM” in ProSieben is in the bag. The broadcast date and location have been announced by the broadcaster. There is also a new program on Sunday evenings.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; “In Winterberg, on November 12, Vokes will jump into the ice cube,” Proseben Boss Daniel Roseman revealed Tuesday about the return of the sports show after seven years off from his station’s program.

“More ProSieben from ProSieben to ProSieben”

Moreover, in the future the station will focus more on its own construction. Classes against ProSieben in addition to audience favorites such as “Who Steals the Show From Me?”, “Germany’s Next Leading Model – Heidi Klum”, “The Masked Singer”, “The Voice of Germany”, “Beat the Star” or “Joko &”. “It will give a new self-made Sunday evening program.

“Sunday evening will be the fifth evening of the week that we only show our own creations,” Roseman explains. “We are continuing on the path we started successfully four years ago: from ProSieben to ProSieben and more ProSieben.” This new “extension of the weekend sentiment” begins in October.

“Country Challenge”, “Mission: Job Unknown”, “Local Hero”, “The Most Dangerous Roads in the World”

The first four Sunday events have similar elements: the audience accompanies the celebrities to “places of hope” and enjoys their adventure from the couch.

For example, on the live show “Country Challenge”, a celebrity has to find ten brave brides in South Africa who can do a bungee jump. At the end of each episode, the TV audience decides which celebrity convinced them the most when solving the task.

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“Mission: Job Unknown” (six episodes) sends celebrities from a team of two to a new job. Sven Hannavald and Mario Bassler are lifeguards in Mexico, Lucy Diakovskaya in Ireland, Nadja Beniza is a ghost hunter, Vivian Geppert and Thomas Hayo are bodyguards in the USA, while Oliver Pocher and Laura Carase are in Oliver Pochero. Booth sending the station to a chocolate shop in Venice.

In “Local Hero” two celebrities end up in Scotland, Mexico or Japan, where you have to learn the most exciting traditions and strange customs. “The winner gains fame, respect and invaluable immortality in the respective country,” says the broadcaster.

Dirt trails in the Peruvian rainforest, potholes in the Bolivian mountains, coastal road in Madagascar … In the name of “the most dangerous roads in the world”, 16 celebrities get behind the wheel in pairs and try to take the most dangerous. Route in a country by car master.

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