TV-Tip: Bong June-Hose ActionCrutcher “Snowpiecer”

TV-Tip: Bong June-Hose ActionCrutcher "Snowpiecer"

Despite “Parasite” and its Oscar win, Bong Jun-ho was recognized as one of the most important directors of our time. Although the film marked its greatest global success to date, Bong has long been known beyond the borders of his native Korea. As early as 2013, he made a film in English with mostly American or British actors. For many fans, “Snooper” was Bong Jun-ho’s first encounter with a unique view of the world. To date, Blockbuster is the most action-packed film of his time. Not surprisingly, “Snowperser” inspired a Netflix series. But familiar topics from “parasites” can not be ignored here.

The “Snowperser” is set for the future, in which the entire planet is covered in a deadly ice sheet. Life is only possible on a single train, so the world runs in endless loops, never letting up. But the survivors of the ship are not the same: while the affluent elite lead luxurious lives at the front, the lower classes congregate at the back. Charismatic Curtis (Chris Evans) dares to compete against selfish rulers. His journey to the locomotive is shown in visually stunning and sometimes very bloody sequences. Bong succeeds in combining his critical social critique with an exciting sci-fi thriller. Even if “Snowpiecer” doesn’t come close to “Parasite” – which movie does it?

“Parasite” Pro 7 runs at 11.10pm.

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