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Monday July 12, 11:20 PM France 3


By 1967 Jean-Luc Goddard was already considered a masterpiece with his masterpieces. Disobedience, Fou in Pierrot And Shortness of breath, Curve The Chinese With his wife, Ann Vyajenski. The film is a failure, and when May-68 erupts, the filmmaker begins to question himself and becomes obsessed with Marxist speeches …

Our comment: Irrelevant portrait of a filmmaker full of humor and tenderness. He portrays him as a lover who is intimidating and touching in his quest for truth. The film also owes a lot to Louis Garrell.

Image by Michael Hasanavicius with Louis Garrell, Stacey Martin and Beranis Bejo (2017).


Tuesday, July 13, 9:05 PM France 2


In the spring of 1789, France collapsed due to social inequality. On the outskirts of Paris, the camera follows Jonas, Athanasius, and Gabriel, who witnessed a confrontation of people.

Our comment: Revolution as you were there! It is real, rhythmic, educational and, above all, humanized. A real way to tell a story that you think you know from school benches.

Documentary Hughes Nancy, Jack Malatere (2021).


Thursday, July 15, France 5 at 8.50pm

Unmatched Trains: Croatia (2021)

Globotrotter Philippe Gagler discovers the beauty and culture of Croatia by adopting the country’s railways from Dubrovnik to Zagreb.

Our comment: A program filmed in Croatia, a time consuming Philippe Goulger wanders from north to south, using trains like no other to see others. Sometimes there are no funny and touching pictures depicting Croatian people with funny occupations. All the salt of this program never calms the viewer.

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Magazine presented by Philip Goulger (2021).


Saturday, July 17, at 8:50 p.m.

Japan, at the roots of the sun

Situated on the border of four seas and oceans, the Japanese archipelago has always had a strong connection with the elements that shaped the lives of its inhabitants. A paddy farmer, another tea farmer, an oyster farmer, a Buddhist monk, a katana blacksmith, an independent champion, a gecko (Kyoto Geisha), or even a young karate witness to their daily lives and their lives. To the spiritual element that surrounds them and their closeness to traditions. At the heart of the testimonies, there is a strong conviction on the part of each hero: the scale of human life is insignificant in the face of the omnipresent power of nature.

Our comment: Director Xavier Lefebvre tried to understand the peculiarities of the Japanese spirit. The images of the natural diversity of the island community are comforting and beautiful, and the chosen characters skillfully express the spirit of this country.

Documentary by Xavier Lefebvre (2018).


Suede selection

Already available on Netflix

Sophie: The Tuscan du Plantier thing

Christmas season, 1996. In the Irish countryside, a French woman was found murdered a few meters from her home. A journalist will soon find himself in the center of suspicion …

Our comment: Twenty-five years after the assassination of Sophie Toscan du Plantier, this successful documentary series finds a thread of a case that remains on both sides of the channel, the result of which is still controversial.

John Dover Documentary Series (2021).


Already available on Amazon Prime Video

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September 1963. Lizzie Voltaire is active: for the first time it welcomes eleven girls. A social revolution, but also an individual … for students and their teachers.

Our comment: Funny, tender, heartfelt, this new original creation from Amazon is successful from start to finish. We need more.

Series by Marie Rousseau, Pierre Deladonchamps, Nina Merris, and Maddie Wyler (2021).

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