Turning point in Northern Ireland: Sinn Féin republicans first power in Parliament

Turning point in Northern Ireland: Sinn Féin republicans first power in Parliament

A historic overtaking in Northern Ireland’s regional parliament was formalized at the conclusion of the ballot for the British administrative election on Thursday. The Catholic Republicans of Sinn Féin, the former political wing of the IRA guerillas, won a relative majority in the smallest country in the United Kingdom, overtaking the largest Protestant unionist parties in the percentage of votes (21.3 against 29%), and both – for the first time – in the number of seats. Now they are vying for the premiership.

With 88 of the 90 seats counted, the IRA ranks 27th against Dupe’s 24th so far. Overall, the national and union formations are equal after the polls two days ago, with around 40% consensus each, with the remaining 15-20% going to the inter-communal parties, with the APNI Liberals rising to third place. Social Democrats of the SDLP hurt Labour; But Sinn Féin – as the first force – may at this point want to lead a new unity government in Belfast, changing the balance of power for the first time in relation to Dupa (stabilized since the 1998 Good Friday Peace) and how the regional premiership did for its leader and former deputy premier Michelle O’Neill, 45. The position of Deputy was given to the Unionists.

On the other hand, in the face of post-Brexit tensions that have re-emerged in Ulster in recent months, if the latter is rejected, the management of the Northern Irish state will revert – by law – to the hands. of Boris Johnson’s central Tory government in London. Sinn Féin continues to fly the national flag of reunification with the Republic of Ireland, in an uncertain perspective, due to demographic stagnation in the northern counties of the so-called Green Isle and the fact that Dublin is now well watched. From promoting a conflict horizon. At the economic and social level it is the radical positions of the left.

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