Turkish doctor shot, NASA publishes for the second time: Earth day astronomy photo selected

Turkish doctor shot, NASA publishes for the second time: Earth day astronomy photo selected

Turkish astronomical photographer Dr. On August 13, another photo was taken by Hubble Space Telescope, processing the raw image and coloring it by Oz. NASA It was selected as the “Astronomical Photo of the Day of the Earth” and shared on its website. Ossaras told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that he was “very happy” that his photographs had attracted attention from NASA.

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Today’s astronomical visual

Özsarac went on to say that he realized that he had shared the astronomical photo APOD (Today’s Astronomical Image) of the day after the Hubble Space Telescope began processing high resolution raw photos:
NASA has a page called “Astronomy Image of the Day”, and I occasionally submit works that I find different. They chose my first photo on August 13th and I was so happy. It was presented 24 hours a day to the liking and interest of many people interested in astronomy around the world. Secondly, on December 14th they selected and published my second photo. They sent me an e-mail that was different from the previous one. Check it out, they said three days ago, if the description below describes your photo in full, tell us if there’s an error, because it’s hard to go back. They were published after mutual consultation. “

There are some people who care about astrological photography

“There are some people in Turkey who are involved in astronomical photography,” Osaraz said. “Astronomy photographers shoot and share it themselves, but as far as I know there is no one like me who downloads, processes and shares raw data. NewsI will be. There are people who think of me from time to time, but very few share them. But nobody cares. “ He said.

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Do not combine evils with one another

Ossaras says space photographs give him deep meaning: “When we look at these, these objects are great distances, distances that could not be crossed for hundreds of thousands of years. It seems to fit only between your two fingers on the screen, but in reality, the distances between them can only travel for millions of years. When you think about it, the earth is nothing there.” , There are people in it. One imagines nothing and nothing in it. Small world, people do not hurt each other, do not harm each other as nothing, do not deal with evil, this is really my goal. “

It can look like a behemoth

NASA with photo of zsarac, “To some it may seem like a hive. In fact, this image from the Hubble Space Telescope captures a cosmic dust cloud three light-years long. It is located inside the nebula of Kareena, where the layers of the column are formed by light hot winds, some of which are still formed inside the nebula. .
ഫോട്ടോzsaraç’s photo is “https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap211214.html”
Can be accessed at.

Source: A.A.

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