Turkey’s breakthrough! It will cut foreign dependence like a knife: the first to produce

The second prototype of the TEI-TS1400 turboshaft engine accessory gear box (ADK) used in the Gökbey helicopter has been delivered.

A second prototype of the TEI-TS1400 engine, designed by Alp Aviation, was supplied with the accessory gear box. As Alp Aviation we supply the second accessory gear box. This product is very different for us because we designed and built it as a team, said Alp Aviation General Manager Şenay İdil, who spoke at the event.

“A Major Turning Point for Turkey”

Underlining that the production of accessory gear boxes is a significant success for Turkey, TEI General Manager Prof. Dr. On the other hand, Mahmood F. Aksit said, “Such a first achievement is an important milestone for Turkey. We brought this technology to Turkey through cooperation. Today we are experiencing a historic moment for Turkish aviation. We have completed it. A very important task. I hope we will continue at the same pace and “after mass production it will We’ll see you fly. With effort and investment, this will become our Turkey’s flying operating system.” His statements were used. The speeches were followed by a signing ceremony.

ADK was first developed with local facilities

The ADK will ensure the functioning of the subsystems required for the engine to perform its functions. ADK, which is responsible for the critical TS1400 turboshaft engine, was developed for the first time with domestic facilities and the project will reduce foreign dependency. An accessory drive is a gearbox that forms part of a gas turbine engine, although it is not part of the engine core, but contains accessories, fuel pumps, etc., necessary for the operation of the engine or the aircraft to which it is attached. . Responsible for running

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Superior ability GOKBEY

Designed by the Presidency of Defense Industries and built by TAI, Gökbey is one of the best in its field. The domestic and national general purpose helicopter ‘Gökbey’, which has been successfully designed and started production to build Turkey’s domestic and national helicopters, is rapidly moving into mass production. The Gökbey helicopter is designed and manufactured with national resources and capabilities, capable of operating effectively day and night at high altitudes and high temperatures, even in the most challenging weather and geography.

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