Turk Telecom gives its customers good news about internet packages – Turkey Urgent

Turk Telecom gives its customers good news about internet packages - Turkey Urgent

Turk Telecom brings good news to its customers about Internet packages

Announcing one by one the campaigns for Internet packages that are a must for every home! Now, those who opt for Türk Telekom for home internet can connect to unlimited fiber internet at very affordable rates. Also, within the 3 month free campaign limit, you can enjoy free internet for months.

As translated by “Turkey Emergency Site”, those who choose Türk Telekom for the home Internet until December 31, 2022 can take advantage of the campaign. However, the biggest requirement that the campaign promises is a 24-month commitment. Other conditions are as follows:

New individual customers can take advantage of the campaign with a 24 month commitment.

Campaign rates are free for the first three months, all-inclusive rates for the remaining 21 months are discounted, and the current tariff of the selected package is valid at the end of the commitment period.

Where internet connection is preferred with access to the Alo package, the fixed monthly aloe package fee (24 TL) is free for the first 3 months of the free campaign period for 3 months, and 12 TL per month for the remaining 21 months included in the campaign pricing list.

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After the campaign period, the current tariff fee for the service is applicable. ALO package delivery fee 21 TL (excluding tax) is free within the scope of the campaign.

The campaign covers a 21-TL (excluding tax) one-time ALO packet pass fee of 13 TL collected from subscribers of Türk Telekom fixed lines.

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