Tuata de Danon: An air bridge between Brazil and Ireland (review – Nomin in Iron)

Written by Alexander Veronese
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The folk metal subdivision is not one of the most popular in Brazil, although it has strong fans here. Despite this, Tuata de Danon, from the magical city of Virginia / MG, overcame this style and became one of the greatest references to heavy metal in our country. Every stage of the band is celebrated, no different from “In Nominate Iron” released in November 2020, more than 5 years after its predecessor 2015 “Dawn of a New Sun” (which only considers full albums, because in 2019 we had the EP “The Tribes of Witching Souls” ).

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Together with extraordinary musicians Bruno Maya, Giovanni Gomez and Edgard Brito, the band “In Nomine Iron” pays homage to the traditional music of Ireland, a country that is rich and unique when it comes to folklore. Popular culture has directly influenced the voice of Danan Tuatha since its inception.

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Record listening proves to be a very sensory and rewarding experience. There is a perfect balance between weight and unity, well represented in a particular Celtic / folk direction, and heavy music always includes unusual instruments such as the banjo, buzouki, whistle, bodron and Irish harmonica. Bruno Maya, the leader behind the group and the creative mind, is widely recognized for his extraordinary talent and ingenuity, and what we hear here deserves that reputation.

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Of the 11 choices in the collection, which alternate between traditional Irish songs and their own compositions, Barley stands out for its fun “Molly Maguire”, intense “guns and pikes”, and beautiful “The Wind the Shake.” (Singer Da Msa Munhos, Soulspell, Vantroya Band Member), tracks the diverse and powerful “The Devil Drink Cider”, the best instruments “Nick Guerks Jigs” and “The Dream One Dreamed”.

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In short, “In Nominate Iron” is an exciting and enjoyable album full of positive vibes, making it something that should be instantly in the collection of fans of the band and class. In addition, it is generally a rewarding gift for good music lovers.

The full version of the material shows a high quality graphic work in heavy metal rock label, CD format, and Digipack packaging in Brazil.

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Tuata de Danan – Nominated in Iron (2020)
Gravadora: Heavy metal rock
Release Date: 11/25/2020

01 – Jigsaw by Nick Guerk
02 – Molly Maguire
03 – Guns and Pikes
04 – Moithura
05 – Calling
06 – The wind that shakes the barley
07 – Nuri Highwayman
08 – Master Reels
09 – Devil Drink Cider
10 – Someone who dreamed
11 – King

Bruno Maya – Voice, Guitar, Guitar, Bancho, Buzz, Whistle
Giovanni Gomez – bass and vocal support
Edgard Britto – Keyboard and Escata

The guests:
Raphael Wagner – Guitar
Nathan Vienna – Violino
Raphael Delphino – Drums and Bodron
Alex Navarre – Irish Harmonica (Tracks 1,3,4, 10)
Kane O’Rourke – Violin (Tracks 1,2,4, 8)
Fin Magil – Violin (Track 10)
DMS Munhose – Sound (Track 6)
Keith Fay – Voice (Track 2)
Folkmoon – Sound (Track 3)
Marcel Cardoso – Drums (Track 6)

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