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Truth Look at: Agra college misses vital punctuation and changes entire that means

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An image of a college bus went viral on social media platforms for all the humorous motives. What could have been an common image with little ones playfully looking exterior the window in a college bus parked roadside was everything but standard. The title of the university painted on the bus caught everyone’s focus and taught the great importance of punctuation. The irony is definitely not dropped in this article.

Staying a school bus, the least everyone would hope is the correctly spelt and punctuated name of the college. But it went incorrect with the lack of spacing, which then turned all over the complete meaning of the identify.


Social media platforms have been buzzing with this viral graphic of a yellow college bus with the name of the university as “MOTHER’ SLAP Community Faculty.” Examine out the image under:

School bus

Point Examine

Anybody with a common knowledge of grammar could accurate this. The lacking place between the letters “S” and “L” transformed the total which means. It should’ve spelled “MOTHER’S LAP” not “MOTHER’ SLAP.”

Normally, any one who took the wrongly punctuated identify of school practically would not want their child to be going there. A fast Google look for disclosed the ideal name. It truly is a college in Agra. But one more faculty with the identical identify is also in Telangana, but the school bus with a wrongly punctuated faculty name belongs to the Agra college.

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