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Trump unfoundedly questions meteorology during a wildfire briefing in California

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“I don’t think science knows,” Trump said Monday with a laugh at officials at McLellan Park in California.

He told Wade Croft, secretary of the Natural Resources Agency in California: “It’s starting to get cold. You see.”

Crawfoot had warned the president about the dangers of ignoring science and “putting our heads on our mobiles and thinking about plant protection”.

State Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, who is adamant about the role of climate change in wildfires, confronted Trump directly and openly told the president that “climate change is real.”

“We feel very strong that the heat is rising,” Newsom said. “Dry is drying up. When we have hot domes, things we have never seen in our history.”

“We are from a perspective. Humble, where science exists, it is self-evident that the evidence observed is that climate change is real and makes it worse,” the governor added.

Newsom told Trump that the difference of opinion should be expressed here because it is related to this fundamental issue of climate change.

“Of course,” Trump responded.

Trump and California officials agreed on the need to continue federal assistance with forest management.

A reporter asked Trump what climate change was in the fire.

“Well, I think this is a management situation. If you look at other countries, if you go to other countries in Europe, Austria and Finland … they are forest countries. They are in the forest, they should not,” the President responded.

The president also said that other countries should take responsibility for more pollution than the US, because the US is “just a small spike”.

When it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, the U.S. does not represent a “speck”. In 2019, US emissions fell The U.S. is still the second largest contributor of planetary heating gases.

“As you move into climate change, will India change its ways? Will China change its ways? Russia? Will Russia change its ways?” Trump asked.

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The decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate deal was celebrated on Saturday by the president early on.

The global agreement is intended to address climate change – experts say it could play a role in large-scale fires. India, China and Russia were all signatories.

During Trump’s tour of the West Bank on Monday, Joe Biden delivered a speech in Delaware warning of the devastating effects of climate change. “If Trump comes to power for another term, it will hurt the country,” he said.

Until this past weekend, The President was very silent about the wildfiresOregon officials who burned millions of acres of land in California are being urged to prepare for a “massive fatal event” and create an apocalyptic orange sky and clouds and ashes.

The report was contributed by CNN’s Kevin Liptak, Nicki Robertson, Christina Walker, Sarah Mucha, and Mave Reston.

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