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Trump tapps new Acting State Department Inspector General

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Matthew Klimov, the US ambassador to Turkmenistan, has been appointed by President Donald Trump, and his appointment will take effect on Monday, the Inspector General’s State Department Office CNN confirmed. The office said Klimov plans to return to Turkmenistan later this year.

The State Department appreciates the return of Ambassador Klimo to Washington, D.C., to fulfill the role of Acting Inspector General until the end of 2020, ”a State Department spokesman said Thursday.

It has been reported that two congressional aides nominated Klimov for the role. One of the aides said he had an impression that he was in close contact with senior officials in the department.

Klimov, a career civil servant, was a senior adviser in the Office of the Under-Secretary of Management shortly before his appointment as Ambassador. He served in the State Department, the White House, and the military in other capacities. According to his biography, Klimov’s son is a lawyer in the State Department.

Politico It was first reported that Klimov had been selected as the Acting Inspector General.

The Watchdog Agency has been without a Senate-confirmed Inspector General since Linick was fired on the evening of May 15 at the behest of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Acting Inspector General, Linick, Stephen Accord, He resigned in early August. Deputy Inspector General Diana Shaw is currently serving in this role.
Top U.S. diplomat Jensen Linick is pushing for an investigation by congressional Democrats. Linux as part of that investigation Testified in early June His office is investigating five possible wrongdoings at the State Department, including the misuse of taxpayer resources and the immediate sale of weapons to Gulf allies.
The Report on the second When released last month, the agency found that it had complied with legal requirements in declaring a state of emergency to sell billions of dollars in arms to Gulf allies, but did not fully assess the risks to the general public associated with that sale.
Pompeo reiterated that Linick’s expulsion was a retaliatory measure Reprimanded Democratic lawmakersElliott Engel, chairman of New York’s Foreign Affairs Affairs; Pompeo told Engel last month that he had instructed State Department officials as part of the investigation. “Do not attend to deposits of interest until mutually acceptable accommodation is reached.
Last week, Engel announced that his committee was moving to take over Pompeo In insulting Congress For repeatedly refusing to comply with subpoenas of documents relating to “transparent political misuse of departmental resources”.
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