Trump says he is ready to investigate Louis D’Joy for his contribution to the GOP

Trump says he is ready to investigate Louis D'Joy for his contribution to the GOP

“If anything can prove something wrong, always,” Trump said.

President Djokovic has been described as “a very respectable man”, but his openness to the inquiry contradicts strong pushbacks against him or other members of his inner circle.

A postal service spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Trump’s remarks. Dijoy’s private spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.

The campaign finance allegations were already enough to raise the eyebrows of North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein, who said Sunday that they deserve an investigation.

“It’s against the law to pay someone directly or indirectly for political contributions,” Stein said in a couple of tweets. Credible allegations of such actions are subject to investigation by the appropriate state and federal authorities. Beyond that, as Attorney General it is inappropriate to comment on any particular matters at this time. ”

Since being hired in May, Djoy has been the subject of criticism from critics, including the former logistics company CEO and GOP megadoner for treating the postal service more like a private company than a public service. He suffered a particular setback amid reports that the infrastructure, which severely hampered the performance of the service, was being reduced in the name of cost-cutting. House Democrats have accused Dijo of failing to provide mail-in voting, as unprecedented Americans prepare to vote by mail due to the corona virus pandemic.

Dijoy Rejected And that there is something biased in his actions. Stopped More changes ahead of the election.

Before Takes the lead Djoy and his wife were a major force in Republican fundraising in North Carolina. President George W. Dijoy’s wife, Aldona Vos, who served as ambassador to Estonia under Bush, also served as Trump’s ambassador to Canada.

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