Trump named the Supreme Court to replace Jeansberg

Trump named the Supreme Court to replace Jeansberg

U.S. media reported that US President Donald Trump intends to nominate Judge Amy Connie Barrett to the Supreme Court. U.S. media reported that a conservative majority in the High Court would be guaranteed if confirmed.

The president announced this week that he would be choosing to replace the late Ruth Bader Jeanszberg. The 48-year-old will be a conservative judge, according to various media reports.

Various media outlets, including the New York Times and CNN, reported that Trump would nominate Barrett.

If they are confirmed, the court will move to a 6-3 conservative majority.

Asked by reporters if Barrett would be nominated, Trump responded: “I did not say that.”

But he added that he had already made a decision in my mind and that Barrett was the best.

U.S. media reports suggested that Trump could change his mind ahead of Trump’s official announcement, which is expected at 9 p.m., Irish time.

Democratic opponents, led by presidential candidate Joe Biden, have called for the Republican to step down instead of the liberal icon Jean-Zuberg, who died last week – after the November 3 election, when it was decided whether Trump would win a second term.

Republican-majority leaders in the Senate, who are tasked with confirming the Supreme Court nominees, said they had enough support to vote on the nomination in a “lame duck” session before or during the election. In January of the next president.

“We will definitely do it this year,” said Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Barrett, a Catholic and law professor, was first appointed to the bench in 2017.

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She is very conservative and hostile to abortion rights – a major issue for many Republicans.

In 2018, they were on the shortlist presented by Trump for a seat vacating Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, a position Brett Cavanaugh filled after a gradual confirmation fight.

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