Trump is taking more wrong steps to overcome Biden’s election victory

President Donald Trump and his allies are taking more drastic measures to subvert the 2020 U.S. election result as part of an effort to subvert Joe Biden’s victory.

Other strategies include personally calling local election officials who are trying to cancel Michigan certification votes, legally challenging Pennsylvania to set aside popular votes there, and pressuring Arizona officials to delay voting.

Election law experts see this as the last, dying gas of the Trump campaign, and Mr. Biden is sure to walk into the Oval Office in January.

However, there are concerns that Trump’s efforts could undermine public confidence in the integrity of the U.S. election.

Joshua Douglas, a law professor at the University of Kentucky who researches and teaches electoral law, said: “Some Republicans do not understand the possibility of losing this election legally.

“We rely on democratic norms and the losers accept defeat miserably. It seems to be crashing. ”

Trump’s own election security agency has declared the 2020 presidential election the safest in history. Days after that statement came out, Trump fired the leader of the agency.

Jenna Ellis, a member of President Donald Trump’s legal team, speaks at a news conference at Republican National Committee headquarters (AP)

Increasingly wrong moves do not have a fair chance to change the outcome of the 2020 election, where Biden received more votes than any other presidential candidate in history and received the 270 electoral college votes needed to win.

The president’s persistent barrage of baseless claims and his attempt to personally influence local officials to attest to votes and his refusal to admit that his allies have lost will have a lasting negative impact on the country.

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The army of his followers does not believe he was lost.

Justin Levitt, a constitutional law scholar and professor at the Loyola Law School: It is not a democracy. ”

Two Republican canvassers in Wayne County, Michigan, said Wednesday that the election was fair and impartial.

“There has been a clear lack of transparency throughout the process,” she said. But election officials said there was no evidence of misconduct or fraud in Michigan.

Trump’s allies in Michigan and some other states noted on presidential election night that the precedence of the presidency had waned, citing evidence that it had deteriorated.

The massive influx of mail-in ballots due to the corona virus pandemic is mainly leaning towards Biden, who encouraged his followers to vote by mail, and those votes were counted last.

So Trump seemed to have an edge.

Mr Biden defeated Trump in Wayne County, a Democratic stronghold, and Michigan won by a landslide with 154,000 votes.

Earlier this week, two Republican canvassers in Kandy blocked the certification of votes.

They later repented and witnessed the results. An acquaintance said Trump approached canvassers Monica Palmer and William Hartman on Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday, Miss Palmer and Hartmann signed an affidavit saying they believed the county vote would not be “certified.”

A Marine stands outside the entrance to the West Wing of the White House (AP)

The Michigan Secretary of State commented that they could not cancel the vote. The four-member state canvassing board will meet Monday, splitting two Democrats and two Republicans.

Trump wants to take this issue forward. He invited Republican lawmakers in Michigan, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkie and Speaker Lee Chatfield to White House.

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If Trump succeeds in convincing the state canvasser board not to witness Biden’s victory of 154,000 votes, he will call the Michigan Legislature to elect voters. But both lawmakers indicated they would not try to overturn Biden’s victory.

“Michigan law does not provide for the legislature to directly elect voters or to elect anyone other than the person who received the most votes,” a spokesman for Shirky said last week.

Speaking at a news conference in Wilmington, Delaware on Thursday, Biden said, “Americans are witnessing incredible irresponsibility, sending incredibly destructive messages about how democracy works in different parts of the world.”

He said: “I think this is completely irresponsible.”

Senator Mitt Romney, one of Trump’s most vocal critics of the Republican Party, has accused Trump of “putting too much pressure on state and local officials to subvert the will of the people and subvert the election.”

It is hard to imagine the vicious and undemocratic action of the sitting American president. Romney added.

A few hours ago, Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and others held a press conference. Voting machines are suspected of plotting a widespread Democratic election involving multiple states.

But election officials across the country reiterated that there had been no widespread fraud.

Many of the allegations of fraud came from polling observers who submitted affidavits involving lawsuits in war-torn states with the aim of delaying vote certification. Those affidavits lean towards suggestions that do not support fraud.

But they have no evidence. Poll observers have no auditing role in elections; They are voluntary observers.

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Giuliani was quoted as saying in a few affidavits that he had shown extensive democratic conspiracy, but added that he could not reveal further evidence.

Following the comment on security in 2020, Trump administration election official Chris Krebs tweeted: “That press conference was the most dangerous 1 hour and 45 minute television in American history. Probably the most insane. ”

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