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Trump is on a campaign trail after the Corona virus in Florida

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US President Donald Trump has returned to the center stage in Florida, declaring that he is in good shape with 22 days left until he faces Joe Biden in the election.

Trump told a cheerful crowd in Sanford, near Orlando, “I went through that and now they said I was immunocompromised, some of them wearing masks.

“I feel so strong. I’m going to walk in there and I’m going to kiss everyone in that audience. I’m going to kiss boys and beautiful women and give you a big fat kiss.”

Trump’s medical team declared he had tested negative and was not contagious on his way to Florida – the first of four battlefields he plans to visit over the next four days.

His claim to immunity has not been proven.

Trump is trying to line up at the base of the major swing states, trailing his Democratic challenger Joe Biden by a double-digit margin.

In rare form A week after his release from the hospitalTrump’s hour-long speech evoked all of his campaign classics: the brutal attacks on the “crooked Hillary” Clinton and the “corrupt” media, and the warning against the “extreme left” and the “socialist nightmare.”

Trump mocked an opponent nicknamed “Sleepless Joe” and said “practically no one showed up” on Mr. Biden’s campaign.

Unlike Trump, Biden adheres to public health guidelines during the epidemic, hosts socially distant campaigns, and is quite different from Trump’s packed, largely unmasked extras – a “super-spreader” event for health professionals.

Florida could play a key role in the election

“Oh, I like Florida,” Trump told the crowd. On November 3, the state can play a crucial role.

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The president changed the voting numbers: “Four years ago we had something similar, we lost Florida, four years ago,” she said.

“Twenty-two days from now, we’m going to win this state, we’m going to win four more years in the White House!” He added.

Before the president left for Florida, his doctor, Sean Conley, said he was 74 years old Now there is no “contagion to others” because it is negative Follow-up quick check-ups and many other health measures are taken into account.

Patients are usually categorized as negative after a more sensitive PCR test – raising suspicions from social media experts that Trump’s doctors have given these but have not received the results they are looking for.

The president will also visit Pennsylvania, Iowa and North Carolina this week as part of his drive to play Joe Biden.

Trump has won in Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa and North Carolina – the four states he will visit this week – against Hillary Clinton in 2016, but Biden has lagged behind in all four, according to a statewide poll.

According to RealClear Politics, Biden Razor has the thinnest lead in Iowa and North Carolina, while Florida and Pennsylvania have 3.7 and 7.1 points, respectively.

Pictures of hours-long queues going viral on social media have led to accusations of “oppressing voters,” but individual voting has already begun in another nearby state, Georgia.

More than 10 million Americans have already registered to vote in the US presidential race. A tracking group said late Yesterday, a record pace three weeks before Election Day.

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The University of Florida’s U.S. election plan said the number of early votes was many times higher than the same period in 2016.

Corona virus is accelerating the dramatic increase in mail-in voting due to health concerns about recording ballots in person during the pandemic.

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