Trump is asking for a recount in Georgia as states prepare to testify to election results

Trump is asking for a recount in Georgia as states prepare to testify to election results

President Donald Trump’s legal team has called on his campaign to recount the votes in the Georgia presidential race after the results showed that Democrat Joe Biden has won the state.

Republican Secretary of State Brad Rafensperger testified to the state election results Friday. Biden defeated Trump by 12,670 votes out of 5 million.

Republican Gov. Brian Kemp testified to the 16th Presidential Election State Slate.

A statement from the president’s legislature read: “Today, the Trump campaign in Georgia called for a recount. We focus on ensuring compliance with all aspects of Georgia state law and the U.S. Constitution so that all legal votes are counted.

President Trump and his campaign demand an honest account of Georgia, which should include signature matching and other vital security measures.

The statement added: “Without signature matching, this recount is a fraud and will allow illegal votes to be counted again. If there is no signature match, it will be as fake as the initial vote count and recount.

“We can stop giving people the wrong results. There should be a time when illegal ballots stop being counted. Hope this comes soon. ”

Georgia law allows a candidate to reapply if the margin is less than 0.5%. Votes are recalculated using scanners that read and list them.

County election activists have already completed the full number of votes cast in the presidential race. It is derived from the requirement of compulsory audit, which by law is not considered a recurring audit.

State law requires that the machines be audited by hand in a race to ensure that the ballots are accurately counted, and that Rafenzsperger was elected president.

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The full number of ballots is required to complete the audit as there is a strict margin in that contest.

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Trump criticized the audit in a tweet claiming that “thousands of fraudulent votes were found” without any evidence.

The Twitter post was flagged as containing contentious information.

Previously countless votes were found in several constituencies during the audit and the election results in those constituencies have to be re-evaluated before the state certification of the results.

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