Trump: “I’m not going to settlement.” Biden: “Well, he’s an incompetent president.” Pelosi: “He is unstable, he should not have nuclear codes”

Trump: "I'm not going to settlement."  Biden: "Well, he's an incompetent president."  Pelosi: "He is unstable, he should not have nuclear codes"

“To all who asked, I will not go to the inauguration on January 20th”. Within two days of the attack on US Capital Donald TrumpRehabilitated Twitter After a temporary account lockout, Abandoning the inauguration ceremony and repeating that next January 20th will break with tradition. A lack is defined as a “good thing” for it Joe Biden “He is not fit for the role, he is one of the most incompetent presidents of all time,” he told a news conference. On the contrary, he added, referring to the Vice President Pence, “Mike Welcome. ”Always on the microblogging site Trump He sends a message to his followers, “75 million greats Patriots Americans They voted for me,America first, To make it better again ”. They continue, “There will be a lot of noise in the future for a long time. They will not exist Despised Or treatment Unfairly In a way and in form ”.

Over the next twelve days, three possibilities arise: Resign, 25th Amendment – This will allow the President to be removed – Impeachment. Biden – Ressed who said this at the press conference Congress To decide impeachment – he breaks the second theory because he does not want to increase the tension with the opponent in the last election campaign, which will lead to the collapse of the country again Eradicate the debate Indoor. The Vice President is in the same line Mike Pence Considering his candidacy in the next election in 2024, he does not intend to oppose any part of the country that is close to the American businessman. The use of the 25th Amendment will be barred without his consent to take office.

But, in contrast Biden e Pence, Speaker of the House Dem is on a war footing Nancy Pelosi, Who seeks and assures the resignation of the President: “If he does not resign voluntarily, Congress He told the Democratic Caucasus that he liked the impeachment. 25th Amendment Or the resignation of the President. Pelosi also branded the businessman “unstable” and said an unstable president cannot Nuclear codes. for this Law Speaker Dem The Joint Chief of Staff spoke Mark Millie As a precaution, prevent any hostile or nuclear military action by the President. Pelosi “He wanted to discuss the available precautions to prevent an unstable president from starting Military hostility Or access launch codes and order a nuclear attack ”. A senior military official assured them that there were ways to prevent it Trump Can order a nuclear attack. “The situation of this unstable president,” he added Pelosi – It can’t be more It is dangerous“It simply came to our notice then Congress Protesters Pro-Trump They also stole a laptop from his office. A siege that left five victims: The last is the agent Brian Sicknick(42) He died of his wounds. He has been on duty since 2008 with a head injury Fire extinguisher. He later collapsed and was taken to hospital. United States Attorney’s Office a Washington A federal murder investigation has been launched into his death.

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Resignation from Government – The last to go was the Minister of Education, Betsy Devos, Reports in a letter New York TimesHe wrote to the President that he had no doubt how his rhetoric had affected the situation. Divos is the second government official to resign in protest of the president. The transport minister also resigned on Thursday Online Chao.

The way to impeachment – Deputy Catherine Clark, Room Speaker’s Assistant, Nancy PelosiImpeachment dems said they would consider – voting next week – if so Pence 25 / o amendment is not required. But in the case of prosecuting the president, Trump Theoretically it would approach the process Senate Checked again Republican (Two new ones Senators The We have to wait till the end of the month for the certification of the results of the ballots Georgia) In the interval until January 19, the day before the oath Joe Biden. Leader of the Senate of the Grand Old Party Mitch McConnell, Despite condemning the behavior Trump, It has not yet been announced whether it will re-sync Senate If the Church approves the articles of impeachment. In any case, two-thirds of the vote is needed to punish and remove the president. He is also there to attack the president Wall Street Journal, A financial reference newspaper published by a former supporter of the President Rupert Murdoch. Trump “attacks and attacks the constitutional process of devolution Assembly. This is beyond refusing to accept defeat. In our warning, it crosses a red line that Trump has not yet crossed. This is reprehensible for impeachment, ”the newspaper’s editorial board wrote. Trump He must resign to avoid another impeachment. This would be the best solution because it will transfer power immediately Mike Pence“, The newspaper adds. “If he goes calm it will be good for everyone, even himself.”

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Trump surrenders and demands reconciliation – Even Trump seems to have succumbed to the idea of ​​leaving the White House, promising a quiet transition period. Addressing the Americans, he recognized the first handover on January 20, saying, “My goal now is to make sure Smooth and systematic change of powers. I know you are disappointed, but I want you to know that this is just the beginning of our incredible journey, ”he wrote on Twitter. Yellow in his movements. Several American media outlets are reporting on how the president abruptly canceled his weekend Camp David He wants to stay in the White House to monitor efforts to remove him from office. And then ran Facebook Censored Twitter, Trump seeks asylum Speak up, An alternative anti-censorship social network run by his supporters and daughter himself Ivanka. “I saw the president has a number – Fox’s anchor” friend “said, Sean Hanity -. At least he has a place. This is good because they are censored elsewhere. “

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