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Trump has released a video saying he ‘feels better’ amid conflicting reports about his health.

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U.S. President Donald Trump says he seems to be “getting better” amid conflicting reports about his health after being hospitalized with Covid-19.

Within 24 hours of being airlifted to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center near Washington, D.C., the president’s medical team said in an update yesterday that it was “very good” and “in a very good mood.”

However, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows immediately told reporters that Trump had gone through “too much” time on Friday and that the next 48 hours would be crucial.

From his hospital suite, the president himself posted a video on Twitter saying, “I’m fine now and I hope to be back soon.”

“The president has a fever, no oxygen and no difficulty in breathing,” he told a news conference outside the hospital. Sean Conley said.

Despite repeated questioning, Dr. Trump has yet to say whether he was ever oxygenated. Conley declined, but said the president’s symptoms, including coughing and nasal congestion, were “being resolved and improving.”

A source familiar with Trump’s health told the Associated Press. Before leaving the hospital on Friday, the president was given supplemental oxygen at the White House.

Dr. Conley’s optimistic assessment is different from the subsequent assessment given by Meadows, although Trump himself said in his video message that he was feeling better “in the next few days” in his fight against disease.

“I’m not here, I’m not feeling well, I’m feeling better now,” Trump said.

“In the next few days you will not know, I think that is the real test. So we will see what happens in the next two days. ”

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There was confusion when the president tested positive because Trump initially suggested a 72-hour time limit for diagnosis.

He said he intended to say “the third day” instead of 72 hours. Conley later clarified. On Thursday evening, the president was told that Kovid-19 had been diagnosed.

The White House has said the 74-year-old will work from the hospital’s presidential suite, which will allow him to continue his official duties.

On Saturday, Drs. Shortly after Conley’s update, Trump tweeted: “All the doctors and nurses at the Great Walter Reed Medical Center, and others from the incredible institutions that have joined them are amazing !!!” There has been a lot of progress against this plague in the last 6 months. I feel good with their help! ”.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the president will bring his treatment “well.”

Speaking to reporters on Saturday morning, Johnson said he had been in the White House on Friday night, adding that “everyone wanted him and Melania in the best possible way and hoped they would recover quickly.” A very strong recovery will take place. ”

When asked if Trump had any advice, Johnson added: “I think he will do exactly what the doctors ask him to do, and I’m sure he will get the best care he can.”

Trump’s Kovid – 19 diagnosis is the latest in a series of world leaders, including Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and EU chief Brexit contractor Michael Barnier.

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