Trump has asked the Supreme Court to stop the release of documents of the capital occupation

Trump has asked the Supreme Court to stop the release of documents of the capital occupation

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Former U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to stop handing over documents to a legislative committee investigating the January 6 violent invasion of Congress supporters, in which five people were killed.

Trump has asked the Supreme Court to overturn a federal appeals court ruling this month that rejected his request to keep White House records confidential.

On December 9, the Court of Appeals opened the way for the transfer of hundreds of pages of documents to the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into Capital Occupancy.

However, the former president has now given Trump 14 days to appeal to the Supreme Court, the previous day. The entrepreneur wants to keep these files private, including a list of people who visited or spoke to him on the phone that day.

Thousands of followers of the former president have commissioned a special committee of the House of Representatives to assess the role of Trump and his colleagues in the capital occupation, trying to avoid certifying the victory of his rival, Democrat Joe Biden. Presidential election.

The former president, who denies responsibility for the occupation, says the investigation is “a political ploy” and refuses to cooperate. He went to court and exercised a privilege of executive power, which allowed him to maintain the confidentiality of his communications “even after his term expires”, even if quoted from Congress.

– Collective Interview –

Donald Trump announced this week that he would hold a press conference in Mar-a-Lago, Florida on January 6 to mark the anniversary of the Capitol attack, and he reiterated that the November 2020 election was rigged without a basis. .

The former president took the opportunity to criticize the parliamentary commission of inquiry for being “extremely biased” and reiterated that the “fraudulent presidential election of 2020” should be investigated.

The parliamentary committee is competing against time because Republicans want to publish at any cost the findings of the pre-election interim legislative election scheduled for November 2022, which could regain control of the House and bury the investigation. .

Donald Trump’s urging people around him not to cooperate with investigations and legal battles over whether or not to testify will delay the whole process.

Despite his failure to run for re-election, the former president has been very influential in U.S. politics, especially among Republican voters, and has not ruled out running in the 2024 presidential election.

In an interview aired Wednesday night on ABC, President Joe Biden said that if Trump were the candidate, his chances of running a second term would increase.

“If Donald Trump is a candidate, why shouldn’t I run against him?” This will increase my chances of applying, “he said.

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