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Trump- Facebook, the 20 Supreme Judges who decide whether to give the word back to

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NEW YORK – Almost every month, Donald Trump returns with his millions of supporters by April, at least on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg was in fact transferred to the newly formed Expert Committee, Oversight Board, The decision on the issue is more thorny for him: Whether to return the megaphone of the world’s largest social network To a former president who violated his laws (And threatens the extinction of American democracy) by spreading false information, using conspiracy theories and pushing fans into violent activity. The general expectation is that the experts are liberal jurists while justifying the decision Unplug Taken in early January, they would consider it an immediate intervention that would not produce lasting results without creating a dangerous pattern.

In the coming days, even politicians who certainly do not sympathize with Trump – from Angela Merkel to Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny – The former president was criticized for banning him from social networks. Fear of Putin’s rival is clear: Facebook says it is already under pressure from the Kremlin, which, like Donald Trump, wants to silence Navalny’s followers. Trump, we know, was the impetus for a bigger problem: In the absence of government legislation, Facebook, Twitter, and Google-YouTube enjoyed complete freedom that they could not resist in any way, only recently began to report that fake content was controversial, and then, Total censorship on January 6, when the United States came closer to the conditions of the civil war. However, by removing the word from Trump, social networks have silenced the most relevant characteristic of the digital communication age and erased part of American history.

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Jack Dorsey, the head of Twitter, realized that the precedent was dangerous, despite the decision to impose a permanent ban following pressure from his employees. Zuckerberg talked a little but it worked: After years of defending Facebook’s complete freedom, from 2018 – attacks from the right and left – the trend has changed by agreeing that elections within the limits of freedom of expression should be left to politics. The unresolved rules he envisioned two years ago Submit the most careful ethical decisions to a committee of authoritative and independent experts. After a long pregnancy, the Board of Supervisors was formed a few months ago: It has 20 members, of which only 5 are from the United States. Among them are academics, magistrates, Nobel laureates, former prime ministers, writers and human rights activists.

Nick Clegg, former British Vice Prime Minister during the tenure of David Cameron, now Facebook’s vice president of political affairs New York Times In the absence of rules, the creation of an independent intermediary is the only way to do that Avoid making decisions with significant political influence by private companies. The board will decide on Trump within three months. The news is significant, but there are many doubts. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. There are judges who have already refused to associate with the Democratic Party. 5 American judges should make decisions about Trump, but we do not know how to do it.

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Priorities (Google’s Ethics Committee failed as soon as Google was established) are not correct There are those who fear it The board is trying to create a new governing body out of politics More than a buffer intervention that politics does not decide. After all, how autonomous and decisive are these judges? Zuckerberg promised that Trump would follow their lead, But the committee (which seems to be in vain trying to intervene not only in the content of the extreme messages, but also in the systems that enhance their spread) is only consultative: the final decision always predicts the sentence that Facebook and Clegg will already take.

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