Trump explodes when Biden ends US presidency

Trump explodes when Biden ends US presidency

Unsubstantiated claims have surfaced that US President Donald Trump has betrayed himself by winning the presidential election.

His comments come as Democrats Joe Biden’s victory in the war-torn states is coming to an abrupt end.

“They are trying to steal the election,” said Trump, who made an extraordinary appearance at the White House last night, two days after the polls closed.

Trump spent about 17 minutes without taking any questions from the media without giving any evidence. He made the kind of aggressive statements ever heard by an American president about the democratic process in the country.

Trump has said Democrats are using “illegal votes” to “steal elections from us.”

“If you count the legal votes, I can easily win,” he claimed. “They are trying to steal an election. We will not allow that to happen.”

Trump’s rhetoric is because his campaign strongly questioned the integrity of the large number of ballots sent in the mails instead of being recorded in person on election day.

The big shift to postal ballots this year reflected voters’ desire to avoid Kovid-19 exposure at busy polling stations during an epidemic that killed 235,000 Americans.

Mail-in-ballots have slammed Democrats heavily since Trump charged fraud.

In the crucial state of Pennsylvania, the Trump campaign moved to prevent the number of ballots banned by the authorities from being processed before election day.

Many major U.S. television networks have shunned live coverage of Trump’s incident over misinformation and cracks in support for his Republican party have emerged.

Full results from the 2020 US election
Who is still leading in the US states?

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Delegate Will Hurd called Trump’s call to end the vote count “dangerous and wrong.” The New York Post, which has long supported Rupert Murdoch, described Trump’s allegations as baseless.

But leading Republicans have lined up behind Trump, pointing out that the legitimacy of the results could be challenged if the president loses.

“I think everything should be on the table,” Senator Lindsay Graham said when asked by Fox News host and Trump loyalist Sean Hanity whether the Pennsylvania-led Republican-led legislature would refuse to testify.

The 77-year-old Biden White was only on the battlefield one or two from gaining a majority to take over.

The 74-year-old Trump needs a combination of victories in multiple states to stay in power.

Biden, who promised to heal a country shattered by polarization during Trump’s four years in power, called on “people to be calm.”

“We have no doubt that Senator (Kamala) Harris and I will be declared winners when the count is complete,” he told reporters in Wilmington, Delaware.

“The process is working,” he said. “The number is complete. We will know soon.”

Biden closes

In the Republican state of Georgia in general, Trump had a lead of 665 votes, with Razor thin and fast disappearing.

Mr. Biden took a slight lead in Arizona and Nevada. If Mr. Biden wins in both these states, he will win the presidency.

But the biggest part of the puzzle was Pennsylvania, where Trump’s early lead gradually slipped away again.

The Democratic hope is that 253 of the current 538 electoral college votes are expected to be split between the country’s 50 states.

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He has 264 members, including Arizona, and Fox News and the Associated Press have called in his favor, but other major organizations have not acknowledged it.

If Mr. Biden captures Pennsylvania, he will get an additional 20 electoral college votes, thereby instantly gaining the 270 needed for overall victory.

The latest results show that Trump’s lead in the state has shrunk to less than 22,500, with more ballots yet to be counted from the Democratic stronghold of Philadelphia.

Protests across the country

Citing pockets of Republican support, Trump’s campaign explained that there is a way for the president to win by accusing him of mass fraud without providing evidence.

His team spread across the battlefield states, questioning the court’s results. His followers gathered outside election offices in several cities.

Outside an election office in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones raised a heavily-armed crowd and shouted at Trump’s enemies over a megaphone.

“They will be destroyed as America rises,” he claimed.

In Las Vegas, Trump supporters wearing red “Make America Great Again” hats were asked to watch the ballots being processed.

Brando Madrigal said he wanted to confirm that the votes were not from those who died with Covid, or from outside the state, or from those who were unable to vote because of the lack of papers.

When Trump called for a halt to the vote count in Georgia and Pennsylvania, which he leads, his supporters and campaign urged that it continue in Arizona and Nevada.

Bob Barr, a lawyer for the Biden Campaign, dismissed the allegations as baseless.

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“It’s all about creating a big cloud,” Boer said.

“But this is not a very thick cloud. We see through it. So do the courts and election officials.”

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