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Trump claims White House can thwart FDA’s efforts to tighten guidelines for corona virus vaccine

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His comments The FDA is considering new Covid-19 vaccine guidelines According to three sources familiar with the situation, it will prompt an approval beyond election day. That timeline would shatter Trump’s expectations of pre-election approval, as he has repeatedly said the vaccine could be ready by November 3rd.

“We’m looking at it, and it needs to be approved by the White House. “It seems like a political move.”

The FDA “politely” declined to comment on Trump’s claims. In general, FDA officials said Wednesday that the agency’s guidelines are being passed through the White House Office of Management and the budget review process.

In the meantime, the president’s comments are sure to create new turmoil in the already vaccinated process Doubt of many Americans on the ballot. Lack of confidence in the program is a nightmare, and public health experts say the best hope is for a vaccine to finally end the epidemic and restore normal life.

On Wednesday, FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Han has made a commitment to the United States, saying, “The FDA will not approve or approve a vaccine that we do not feel comfortable giving to our families.”

“The FDA will not approve or endorse any Covid-19 vaccine until it meets the agency’s strict requirements for safety and efficacy.

He added that the FDA would not allow anyone’s pressure to change that.

“The FDA believes that the highest safety and efficacy standards apply to all corona virus vaccines,” said Dr. John H. Snyder, director of the National Institutes of Health. Francis Collins told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. He admitted that the FDA was not sure. Or the White House had the final say on vaccine approval.

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“I am not a lawyer or a constitutional scholar,” he said. “I do not know the answer to that.”

Two former FDA commissioners have previously told CNN that they believe Trump is unlikely to put pressure on scientists to approve or endorse the Kovid-19 vaccine. It is possible. Department of Health and Human Services Invalid in the past FDA recommendations on drugs.

Despite assurances from federal officials, there are concerns that the normal route for reviewing and approving the Kovid-19 vaccine could be avoided or at least distorted due to political pressure.

“I am concerned that a vaccine may have a gray area that appears to be partially protected and that it may enter the market without a formal formal review process,” said Dr. Boiler College of Medicine. Peter Hotes said.

CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen, Caitlan Collins, John Bonifield and Jeremy Diamond contributed to this report.

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