Trump claims there is no evidence that the election was stolen from him

Trump claims there is no evidence that the election was stolen from him

US President Donald Trump has made a public statement after calling election night a “betrayal of the American people.”

He was speaking to reporters at the White House.

“I won easily if you count the legal votes,” he said. If you count illegal votes, they may try to steal the election from us. ”

Without giving any evidence, he claimed that there was “historic electoral interference in the 2020 election by the big media and big money and big technology”.

He was speaking at a White House press conference.

I have already achieved critical success in several critical states, including major successes in Florida, Iowa, Indiana, and Ohio.

Without further ado, he claimed: “We have achieved these and many other successes in the face of historic electoral interventions from the big media, big money and big technology.”

His comments come after Joe Biden said he had no doubt he was going to be the 46th president of the United States.

Biden urged Americans to “keep calm” and to wait until each vote is counted.

After a brief remarks by the former vice president, Trump claimed that as his lead in the major states of Georgia and Pennsylvania continued to decline, Republicans claimed that they were “winning in all the major places,” but later “lost” their lead.

“We were very successful in all the major locations, and then our numbers began to miraculously evade secrecy.”

Referring to legally permitted observers, the US President told observers to stay “100 feet away” from the numbers when they arrived.

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“When the observers got there, they wanted to observe people 60, 70 feet away, 80 feet, 100 feet away, or outside the building, inside the building,” he told reporters.

Source: PBS Newshor/ YouTube

Trump added to the postal voting system: “I have been talking about mail-in voting for a long time. It really ruined our system, it’s a corrupt system. ”

He claimed that the “blue wave” predicted by the poll had never been effective and that there had been a “big red wave” instead.

He added: “Voters are knowingly wrong.

“There was no blue wave they predicted, they thought there would be a big blue wave – it was wrong, it was done for oppressive reasons.

Instead there was a big red wave, which the media rightly acknowledged and they were very impressive but it was after the fact.

He challenged Joe Biden and the Democrats to make it clear that only legal votes are needed.

“They are talking about votes, I think they should be called legal votes, I want them to count all the legal votes, I want all the legal votes to be counted,” he said.

He said there should be “openness and transparency” without secret count rooms, “mystery ballots” or votes cast after the official election day.

“They want the process to be honest, which is very important,” he said.

“We need an honest choice, an honest number, and we want honest people to work there, because this is a very important job.

This is the way this country is going to win, and that is the way America is going to win.

Trump said his party hoped to win the election “very easily” but would involve “a lot of litigation.”

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“We have a lot of evidence, there is a lot of evidence that will probably end up in the country’s highest court,” he said.

“We think there will be a lot of litigation because an election like this cannot be stolen.”

Trump said in a press conference that although there was no evidence of voter fraud, his goal was to protect the integrity of the election.

Because of fears of a corona virus outbreak, Biden urged his followers to vote by mail if necessary. Trump has repeatedly questioned the integrity of that system and called on his voters to vote in person on election day.

The states that are still playing are counting the postal votes, which is misleading in favor of Biden, and counting the votes on election day – misleading in favor of Trump – first.

Biden previously told reporters in Wilmington, Delaware:

“We continue to have a good experience of where things stand. We have no doubt that Senator Harris and I will be declared winners when the count is completed. ”

Biden made a similar remark in his speech yesterday evening.

According to the Associated Press, Democrat Biden has 264 electoral college votes, and only one additional state will win him.

Biden needed a victory in Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina or his home state of Pennsylvania to reach the required 270 votes.

With more votes being added to his tally, Biden continues to gain ground in Trump in Pennsylvania. An end result may be that Irish time may have risen in the state overnight.

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