Trump admits that Biden can be his successor

Trump admits that Biden can be his successor

President Donald Trump insisted this evening that the United States would never lock down the corona virus, but said it would “tell the time” if another administration came to power in January.

This is the closest he has ever received to the idea that President-elect Joe Biden will succeed him.

In his first public statement since Mr Biden was widely predicted to be the winner last Saturday, Trump said he expects a corona virus vaccine to be available to the general public by April. High.

In broadcast references to the White House Rose Garden, Trump first appeared to acknowledge the possibility of an impending Biden administration, yet did not retire from running and did not name his Democratic opponent.

“We’ll not go to a lockdown. I’m not going, this administration is not going to a lockdown,” he said. “Whatever happens in the future – who knows what the administration will be. I think time will tell.”

Trump has continued to make baseless allegations of widespread voting fraud since the Nov. 3 election.

While he continues to make such claims on Twitter, he did not repeat them in his ad references today.

Trump last spoke in the White House briefing two days after the election, saying there was no evidence that he would easily win the election if “legitimate” votes were counted.

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Biden secured victory against Trump after leaving the state of Georgia, Trump has little hope of recovering the result through legal challenges and explanations.

The Republican president said he expects immediate approval for Pfizer’s vaccine.

Pfizer said he expects the required security data to be reported next week and then apply for emergency use approval.

The reference comes after Trump received an update on ‘Operation Warp Speed’, an administrative attempt to turbocharge to develop a vaccine.

Criticism of the government’s response to the virus, which has killed 235,000 Americans, cries out for Democrats ahead of the election.

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