Trump accused and attacked DeSantis. Family split over candidacy-

Trump accused and attacked DeSantis.  Family split over candidacy-
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Former US President on Florida Governor: “An average politician, skilled in public relations”. He claims to be the true advocate of his opponent’s victory

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PHOENIX – Time to count Interim vote Arizona and Nevada offer hope Democrats can retain control of the Senate Ballot Donald Trump attacked him in Georgia in December A stronger opponent For the Republican nomination for the White House, Ron DeSantis
: “An average politician, good at public relations.” Not only does the former President claim to be himself Advocate of success Florida’s governor, however He also uses his favorite theme (i fraud)In 2018, he claims he “stopped DeSantis’ election from being stolen.” “I sent The FBI and prosecutorsIn one Florida county, he writes, “to stop them.”

Candidates Defeated with Trump’s support Critical challenges Pennsylvania E Michigan, In ArizonaDemocratic Sen. Mark Kelly defeated challenger Blake Masters Nevada
Democratic senator there Catherine Cortez Masto He fell short of the Republican by just 821 votes Adam Laxalt: The latest tally of mail-in votes is in her favour. The Failures of “denier” candidates (repeators Mantra Fraud) showed the limits of the MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement, which differed Tea party It didn’t lead to the Republican Party under Obama Exciting wins Although they have won the Senate in the midterms (Ohio and North Carolina), they have threatened elections in the House and passed the House. Kevin McCarthy come the speaker).

For the most part Defeated He accepted the result of the vote, but it was unclear what he would do and Carrie Lake, a former Trumpian TV host He wants to be a governor of Arizona, it must be lost. Yesterday, his Democratic opponent, Katie Hobbs, won 50.7% of the vote against 49.3%. Head of the Election Commission, Republican Bill GatesLake said he found it offensive to blame officials slow down I took it off on purpose. In this climate, Ron DeSantis’ victory in Florida is driving Republican leaders, funders and activists. support His candidacy for the White House nomination: If he takes the field, he’ll wait until then MaggioAfter the conclusion of the legislative session in his state, according to «Wall Street Journal».

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Trump even recalled it in 2016’s press release Rupert Murdoch And the fox Who now “to rejoice impure» (A nickname that plays on words “great”) recalls how he supported other candidates but then came after him and “one-upped” his opponents in the primaries. As the former President seems to intend to announce Florida took the field on Tuesdayat his residence Mar-a-Lagowhere the wedding of Daughter TiffanyAt least some very loyal ones (including former spokeswoman Kaylee McEnany and Councilor Jason Miller) try to wait for him Ballot
the day In Georgia, and Daughter Ivanka with her husband Jared Kushner Not excited about the new one Election campaign.

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