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“True Crime” at Fort Ireland Revisited: What's Bodkin Worth? [critique]

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Rainy Ireland, a rural investigation, a true crime podcast and Will Fort as a tourist. All the ingredients for a great little Guinness-flavored detective series to watch on Netflix.

We didn't realize it, but in fact, Will Fort We missed it. From the end The last man on earth (2015-2018), despite this phenomenon the American actor has somewhat disappeared from the radar. MacGruber (Honestly, never crossed the Atlantic Ocean). And so we find him on the trail of a mysterious assassin, in his Irish wanderings, with feigned glee. BodkinA crime drama for Netflix, bucolic, caustic, with very distinct Irish accents.


Will Fort Uncle Sam stars as a loser podcaster who arrives on a British island to record a show in the countryside. Bodkin, the day of the traditional Samhain carnival, ancestor of Halloween, is famous for three unexplained disappearances. With the support of a journalist from the very serious Guardian and a young assistant, he will lead the investigation to uncover the hidden secrets of the peaceful city.

From interviews to confessions, the Guinness flows freely and the verdant scenery passes like a postcard of all that Ireland has to offer (filmed in the traditional Cork countryside). However, an arrangement that stimulates inquiry that remains quite ordinary in essence. Samhain's mysteries aren't so exciting, it's the local atmosphere with its gallery of faces that draws us into the pub's bar. Mixed with gentle black humor, Bodkin Taking the real earned distance and playing “true crime,” this darling masterfully embodies Will FortHe certainly hasn't lost any of his comic timing.

Bodkin, in 7 episodes, to watch on Netflix from 9th May 2024.

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