Trouble with subscriptions? There is great news on Google Play

Trouble with subscriptions?  There is great news on Google Play

Do you have a lot of prepaid services through mobile apps? And you have little trouble orienting yourself What is everything and when to pay? You can fix it You are not alone. If you’ve ever thought about making a review of these expenses and dates in online banking or in your own spreadsheet, you probably should not do it.

Google has launched a pilot project that allows you to control personal subscriptions directly through the Play Store. A model partner is Spotify. For example, in South Korea, the alternative payment system that Google has been offering for several months will gradually expand to other regions. Developers will have to pay for the service directly from Google Play. Spotify will be in the mentioned situation Both options work simultaneously – Current and new.

Spotify: Music and Podcasts

“Spotify is one of the largest subscription providers in the world, reaching out globally and integrating with advanced devices. Natural first partner. We will work together to innovate the way consumers shop on in-app, provide an impressive experience across devices and bring more customers to the Android platform, ”says Google. On his blog.

“Spotify will implement a Google Play payment system with its existing billing system, and its vision as our first partner is invaluable.

Why do you now have a mobile subscription?

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