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Triple Drive Thrust & Burger Lockers: Burger King Introduces New Designs

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Burger Chain released two new restaurant designs on Thursday with those features and more. It plans to build some prototypes in Miami, Latin America and the Caribbean next year and add other components to existing restaurants from time to time.

“As we look to 2021, we will be redesigning our new development around the world and undergoing a number of renovations,” said Josh Kobsa, chief operating officer of Restaurant Brandews International, which owns Burger King.

Some of the features highlighted in the prototype include dual drive-through paths, curbside pickup, and digital menu boards already in place. Others are new.

With the new designs, users will be able to go to a specific location, order through the app and deliver food to their cars. They will see the triple drive-through lanes dedicated to delivery drivers. Once they arrive on foot, they can order outside through a walk-up window. Restaurants will also be small: no prototype has an indoor dining option. Another has a dining room and kitchen – a conveyor belt for drive-through orders – suspended on the tracks.

Burger King has Has been working on new restaurant designs for a number of years. But some trends, such as pandemic online ordering, have accelerated, and orders to go have become more focused on fast-food restaurants.

“More and more guests want to eat, use drive-thru, and takeaway,” Cobsa said. “With Kovid this year, many changes in consumer preferences have accelerated.” Those changes prompted Burger King to “think more quickly about how we can quickly upgrade and improve things like our drive-through experience or delivery experience”.

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When indoor dining is banned or restricted, drive-through and delivery are crucial to Burger King’s U.S. business during the outbreak.

In the second quarter, drive-through sales accounted for 85% of U.S. sales, compared to 67% of total sales at U.S. restaurants last year. About 7,300 US Burger King restaurants have more than 6,500 drive thru.

Since February, Burger King has added deliveries to more than 2,000 U.S. restaurants. Currently, about 6,100 US Burger King restaurants make deliveries.

There are 18,800 Burger King restaurants worldwide.

When planning for the future of fast food restaurants, many people focus on the options to go with compared to dining fronts. Taco Bell said recently It cuts down on dining room seats and adds a second drive-through path dedicated to built-in pick-up orders in its app. The restaurant’s “Go Mobile” concept is set to launch next year.

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