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Trick-and-treating at Obersel, a children’s rally and ghost skits

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Vaughan: Jochen Dietz

When Oberursel spuuukt, things get scary in the suburbs. © Priedemuth, Jens

Trade association focus o. A wide range of Halloween activities have been announced, including a downtown costume contest for the last weekend in October.

Oberursel – After a long summer, people in our latitudes look forward to pumpkin soup, fog and cold temperatures – autumn is here. Kids get excited for Halloween, where there’s trick-or-treating in lieu of spooky or spooky costumes.

From Thursday, October 27 to Saturday, October 29, young people can give it their all this year at the city center “Oberursel spuuukt”. This was informed by the trade association Focus O. With fall decorations, small activities and a rally for children, a true Halloween atmosphere is created, according to the announcement. Entry tickets for the Children’s Rally will be available from Thursday at all 14 participating shops. Each has a task to be solved, which usually requires careful attention – enter, complete and move on to the next shop! Participation cards are available in Tabak Kari Road even in English. Why? Ireland and the USA have long since traditionally celebrated Halloween, and Oberursel has a large international population so the focus is on bringing everyone here.

After solving all the tasks, the answer card should only be handed to a drop box monster in the Alt-Oberseller Brewhouse or Tabak Kari Road. And then just wait and hope, because those with at least ten correct answers will be entered into a draw for prizes given by the shops.

Even the most beautiful clothes are given as gifts. For inspiration, families can head to Hogwarts and watch eight Harry Potter movies or even Fantastic Worlds featuring bats, spiders, fantasy creatures and monsters. Coincidentally, this year, on the 20th anniversary of the first film, “Harry Potter Reunion” was released, which may have long since grown-up ex-monsters looking in their wardrobe boxes. The best photos can then be emailed to

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On Saturday at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm, the high school students of the Frankfurt International School will perform a geestersketch at the corner of Vorstadt and Kumeliastrasse.

There will also be a children’s carousel, crepe stand and bratwurst stand run by the Frosin Association.

Anyone who wins something in the rally or costume contest will be notified by telephone or e-mail, and all prizes are from participating stores.

More information is available at red

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