Trial Ireland: Mona Makshari First Irish Woman Sub 1:07 100 Breasts

Trial Ireland: Mona Makshari First Irish Woman Sub 1:07 100 Breasts

2021 Irish National Team Trials

In Ireland, the first day of the Olympic trial ended last night in the semifinals of the 100 backstroke, 100 breaststroke and 100 butterfly meters.

Procedures for selecting the Irish Olympic team, the times indicated in FINA Schedule A to call swimmers, are required to swim at any stage of the competition (heats, semi-finals, finals). If several swimmers complete the time limit in the same race, the two fastest swimmers will be counted.

The Irish Trials Heats, semi-final and final values ​​swim equally, based on Olympic qualification, meaning the fastest 2 swimmers must be below the FINA A standard, and have been nominated to the team through all three rounds of competition, as outlined below.

Men’s cut Event Women’s cut
22.01 50 Freestyle 24.77
48.57 100m freestyle 54.38
1: 47.02 200m freestyle 1: 57.28
3: 46.78 400m freestyle 4: 07.90
7: 54.31 800m freestyle 8: 33.36
15: 00.99 1500m freestyle 16: 32.04
53.85 100m backstroke 1: 00.25
1: 57.50 200m backstroke 2: 10.39
59.93 100m breaststroke 1: 07.07
2: 10.35 200m breaststroke 2: 25.52
51.96 100 m butterfly 57.92
1: 56.48 200 m butterfly 2: 08.43
1: 59.67 200m Individual Medley 2: 12.56
4: 15.84 400m Individual Medley 4: 38.53

Day 1 Highlights

In the semifinal session, the only person who swims equal to or less than the limit time Mona Makshari The time trial ended at 1: 06.29 in the semifinals of the women’s 100m breaststroke.

Time is not only his best of all time, but also the new Irish remote record. McCauley’s previous record was 1: 07.10, becoming the first Irish woman to swim the distance in one minute and seven seconds yesterday.

Mona Makshari It is ranked seventh in the world thanks to its record-breaking seasonal rankings.

2 Tatiana
Shoe Maker
RSA 1: 05.74 04/11
3 Martina
ITA 1: 05.86 04/02
4 Benedetta
ITA 1: 06.00 04/02
4 Ariana
ITA 1: 06.00 04/02

See Top 46

In the men’s competition, Darag Green He scored 59.76 in the heat and swam 59.86. Actually too Green Table A won less time than indicated in the finale, but has already qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. Time swam Green In the heat it is also the farthest Irish record.

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